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Friday, April 24, 2020

Honolulu mayor wants Kauai, 'some neighbor island,' to be test case for reopening; visitors keep slipping through the cracks, private sailboats unregulated, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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Honolulu Mayor Slammed For Offering Kauai As Coronavirus Test Case. Mayor Kirk Caldwell backed away from comments suggesting reintroducing tourism on Kauai could show whether it was safe statewide. Civil Beat.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell criticized for suggesting Kauai could be a ‘test case’ for restarting tourism. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is being sharply criticized today for suggesting in a televised interview Wednesday evening that Kauai or “some neighbor island” might be the best place to test out the re-launch of the state’s tourism industry as the risk of COVID-19 recedes. Star-Advertiser.


More than 3,500 visitors have come to Hawaii since quarantine began. More visitors came to Hawaii by air Wednesday bringing the total visitor count to 3,561 since the state initiated emergency orders designed to collapse tourism to conserve resources for locals. Star-Advertiser.

Authorities hope arrests of visitors for quarantine violations deter others from coming. The state is exploring more ways to monitor visitors who are supposed to be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in the islands. Hawaii News Now.

Enhanced screening measures at airport to help enforce quarantine mandate. State officials will now check the forms and confirm residents addresses through property tax records and phone numbers provided on the ag form will be called before leaving the airport to make sure it’s a real number. KHON2.

United will require flight attendants to wear masks or face coverings while on duty. United will require flight attendants to wear face coverings or masks while they're on duty starting April 24th. KITV4.

CEO: Hawaiian Airlines Got $654 Million From Feds. The airline says the money helps buy time for Hawaii’s largest private employer, which is burning through more than $4 million per day. Civil Beat.

Sailboats Finding Few Safe Harbors As Hawaiʻi Ports Lock Down. While many locations are looking to ease their COVID-19 restrictions – others are still on lockdown, including Hawaiʻi. This presents potentially dangerous challenges for those sailing the oceans in private boats. Hawaii Public Radio.


Hawaii Receives $16M From Feds To Boost Testing, Contact Tracing. Rural hospitals also received more than $800,000 to purchase personal protective equipment and perform more testing. Civil Beat.

4 New COVID-19 Infections Reported In Hawaii. In a span of the last three days, the Department of Health also reported seven more seniors have been hospitalized. Civil Beat.

Angst rises as Hawaii’s archaic system prevents timely unemployment payments. Jodi Kealoha, owner of 808 SUP, “A Mom and Son Shop,” applied for unemployment the fourth week of March after COVID-19 lockdowns closed her Haleiwa business. Star-Advertiser.


Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell outlines plan to reopen businesses. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said Thursday he might allow some businesses, shut down due to the coronavirus, to open starting May 1. They include golf courses, automated car washes and limited operations of car dealerships and real estate companies, as well as other smaller businesses. Star-Advertiser.

Caldwell: Reopen Golf Courses First, Church Services Will Have To Wait. While there’s no timeline yet, the city has plans in place for when businesses can reopen and certain activities can resume. Civil Beat.

Mayor unveils plan to gradually reopen Honolulu. Two days after Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced parks would reopen on April 25th, he unveils his plan to gradually reopen additional services to the public. KHON2.


Honolulu Will Hold Off On Purchase Of Questionable Virus Test Kits. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says the city will talk with the state Department of Health before proceeding with the $1 million plan. Civil Beat.

In wake of state’s concerns, Caldwell puts his ambitious COVID-19 testing plan on hold. In a blow to the city’s push to “test, test, test,” Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s ambitious plan to provide 10,000 more coronavirus tests for Oahu residents is on hold. Hawaii News Now.

Screening and triage site for homeless expands at Keehi Lagoon. About 50 homeless people are staying in tents and being monitored at Keehi Lagoon Beach Park at the Provisional Outdoor Screening and Triage Facility, which is being expanded. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii Island

3 tourists arrested in Hilo for quarantine violation. Two men and a woman, all from Everett, Wash., were arrested Wednesday in Hilo and charged with violating Gov. David Ige’s mandatory 14-day self-quarantine order for visitors to Hawaii. Tribune-Herald.

Three Visitors Arrested After Breaking Quarantine On Banyan Drive. Meanwhile, the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawai‘i has used $25,000 to send 19 visitors back to their airports of origin during the COVID-19 crisis. Big Island Video News.


Kona Community Hospital reports first inpatient case of COVID-19. The patient tested positive for the novel coronavirus and was admitted to the hospital Wednesday, according to a statement provided by KCH spokeswoman Judy Donovan. West Hawaii Today.

Hawaii COVID-19 Update: Kona Hospital Reports First Positive Patient. The adult patient, a resident with no history of travel, was admitted on Wednesday and is in stable condition, the West Hawaiʻi hospital reports. Big Island Video News.


Emergency shelter to help get homeless off streets amid pandemic. The first residents of 32 temporary housing units in Hilo began moving in this week. Tribune-Herald.


Mayor likely to extend emergency orders through May. Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino on Wednesday pointed to the end of May as a possible time frame for the end of Maui County public health emergency orders. Maui News.

Staff still does ‘not feel safe’. More still needs to be done with contact tracing, testing, PPE at Maui Memorial. Maui News.

Restaurant had 65 COVID-19 contacts. Merriman’s Maui had outbreak; only 3 confirmed cases. Maui News.


Supreme Court rebuffs Maui County in water pollution case. Maui’s multimillion-dollar appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court ended Thursday with a rejection of the county’s argument that it doesn’t need Clean Water Act compliance to inject treated sewage from its Lahaina sewer plant into ground­water that eventually winds up in the ocean. Star-Advertiser.

US Supreme Court Issues Ruling in Maui Clean Water Act Case. The US Supreme Court Thursday issued a ruling on the Lahaina injection well case which requires the federal government to regulate groundwater pollutants that find their way into navigable waters, such as oceans.  The case focused on discharge from the Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility. Maui Now.


Work Begins Monday on $3.15 Million Maui Lani Roundabout. Construction work on the Maui Lani roundabout project will begin Monday, April 27, at the intersection of Maui Lani Parkway and Kamehameha Avenue in Kahului, the County of Maui Department of Public Works announced this afternoon. Maui Now.


Restrictions could be relaxed if no community spread. Some sectors of Kaua‘i’s local economy could reopen on May 3 if current COVID-19 trends continue, according to county officials, but only if evidence of community spread doesn’t spring up between now and then. Garden Island.

With promising signs, Kauai could be the first to slowly ease restrictions. Kauai has had some of the strictest rules in place since the early days of coronavirus in Hawaii, including an island-wide overnight curfew and a strong enforcement of travel quarantine rules. It’s resulted in a low case count of just 21 positives and no deaths. Hawaii News Now.

Falling through the cracks. One visitor to Kauai not informed about quarantine requirement. The Kaua‘i Police Department could not share how many check-ins they have done daily or share the number of people they are monitoring at this time, but travelers and visitors have confirmed they were checked on in-person. Garden Island.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Voters to decide on investment/rental property tax for education, $93k considered low-income for Honolulu family of four, Kauai seeks tourists after flood, pesticide-free school zones bill failing, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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Hawaii voters will decide in November whether they want to tax investment property to help pay for public education after a proposed constitutional amendment sailed through the Senate in a 23-1 vote Monday. Star-Advertiser.

Voters Will Decide Whether To Hike Property Taxes To Fund Schools. Even if the proposed constitutional amendment passes in November, it won’t automatically guarantee new money for schools. Civil Beat.

Should the state help pay for public schools through property taxes? That's a question voters will be able to answer in November's General Election. KITV.

Voters to decide tax surcharge on investment property to help fund public education. West Hawaii Today.

The Hawaii state Senate on Monday gave final passage to a bill that seeks to amend the state constitution by allowing the Legislature to tax investment properties and earmark the revenue for public schools, after bypassing a conference committee to discuss amendments made by the House. Pacific Business News.

Voters this year will have the opportunity to decide if Hawaii should establish a surcharge on investment property to help fund public education. Associated Press.


The Kupuna Caregivers program, which the Hawaii Legislature approved in 2017, will see a doubling of its resources if the state budget bill passes in its current form. Pacific Business News.

A bill to create restricted pesticide-free buffer zones around Hawaii schools is currently stalled at the legislature. Hawaii Public Radio.

This New Military Spending Site Is Floundering. The state launched a website to track defense dollars with the help of a federal grant. But now there’s no one keeping the site updated. Civil Beat.

Air carriers servicing Hawaii have been largely unaffected by the Federal Aviations Administration’s recent call for emergency inspections after a fatal engine explosion on a Southwest Airlines flight last week. Pacific Business News.


$93K Is Now Considered Low-Income For Honolulu Family Of 4. Oahu’s median income jumped nearly 11 percent in a year, according to new federal housing guidelines. Civil Beat.

Oahu residents are likely to see their rent go up. KHON2.

Feds: Honolulu Needs $250 Million More To Complete Rail. Local officials believe their $8.16 billion cost estimate remains sound, despite the shortfall identified in an unreleased draft report. Civil Beat.

Two measures aimed at relaxing building and zoning requirements for Oahu landowners and developers who build smaller, walk-up apartment buildings are up for a final vote of the Honolulu City Council on Wednesday. Star-Advertiser.

City councilman Ikaika Anderson introduced Bill 33 Thursday,  which would require certain buildings without permits to be demolished at the owner's expense. KITV.

City enforcement of zoning and building laws has been a chronic problem. After one local contractor, Brilliant Construction, continued building after receiving an order to stop. City Councilmember Ikaika Anderson is trying to get tough on violators. Hawaii Public Radio.

Local police getting more federal support to handle repeat offenders. Hawaii News Now.

Honolulu's police chief says staffing shortages means property crimes will have to wait while her department investigates more serious crimes. Hawaii News Now.

A portion of the sidewalks along Kalakaua Avenue will soon get an overhaul as the city and its private industry partners begin their first major Waikiki sidewalk project since the city readied the tourism district to host the 2011 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gathering. Star-Advertiser.

Sidewalk improvements will be performed along Kalakaua Avenue for 275 calendar days as part of a construction project in Waikiki. Hawaii News Now.

Honolulu’s Morgue Is So Run Down Even The Autopsy Room Leaks. The conditions raise concerns about employee health and the quality of lab results, including whether evidence is being contaminated. Civil Beat.

Your water rates could be going up, and this week you'll get your first of many chances to weigh in. KHON2.

Hawaii Gas's first renewable natural gas project remains on track for completion later this year after holding a blessing ceremony at the Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant last week. Pacific Business News.

Hawaii Island

Lava from Kilauea’s summit lava lake spilled out of its Overlook crater onto the floor of Halemaumau Crater on Monday, resulting in the largest overflow since the summit vent opened up 10 years ago. Star-Advertiser.

Lava lake spills onto Halemaumau Crater floor. Tribune-Herald.

Kilauea Lava Lake Overflow Captured In Various Views. Big Island Video News.


Astronomers using the Gemini Observatory on Maunakea have confirmed what has been speculated for years: Uranus stinks. Tribune-Herald.

For yet another year, the state legislature has killed a bill to fund lifeguards at Kua Bay, but there is another possible avenue. Big Island Video News.

Big Island receives little fire ant funding as Legislature mulls Hawaii Invasive Species Authority. West Hawaii Today.

864 pounds of debris removed from South Kona shoreline. West Hawaii Today.

Three bills affecting use and management of Maunakea appear headed for the dust bin after the state House of Representatives refused to assign members to a conference committee. Tribune-Herald.


County Council budget chairman Riki Hokama released his proposed county budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 on Monday, taking a knife to Mayor Alan Arakawa’s proposal to the tune of $33 million. Maui News.

The newly opened section of the Lahaina bypass created an early morning traffic jam, doubled the work commutes for many residents and even confused some navigational apps on its first day open to the public Monday. Maui News.

The opening of a new traffic solution for West Maui ended up creating a nightmare for many drivers on Monday. Hawaii News Now.

A coalition on Maui has launched a “15% for the Future” campaign, which is petitioning Alexander & Baldwin to donate or allow the sale of former sugar cane lands in Central Maui to support affordable housing and agriculture. Maui Now.

The House and Senate money committees finalized negotiations on the state budget on Friday, April 20, which included funding that will benefit Central Maui. Maui Now.

King Kekaulike, Maui High among state’s most improved schools. Maui News.


The Hawaii Tourism Authority wants visitors to know that Kauai is still open for business, and welcomes travelers to the Garden Isle, except for the northernmost communities from Wainiha to Haena, which are temporarily closed to vehicles while repairs continue on Kuhio Highway. Star-Advertiser.

HTA: Kauai open for business. All of Kauai is open, with the exception being the northernmost communities from Wainiha to Haena. And it’s still a beautiful island. Garden Island.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is trying to combat dips in Kauai tourism by sending a message to visitors and stakeholders that the island is “open and welcoming travelers,” with the exception of the northernmost communities from Wainiha to Haena. Pacific Business News.


More than a week after floodwaters ravaged homes, businesses, hillsides and roads, there is still no idea of the cost of the damage — or even a guess of how many structures were destroyed or left uninhabitable. Star-Advertiser.

Backpacks lined the edges of classrooms at Hanalei School once again on Monday as the Department of Education welcomed kids back to class after record-breaking rains caused flooding throughout Hanalei. Garden Island.

Self-Reliance Runs Deep on Kauai’s North Shore. Hawaii Public Radio.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Money flowing in to Kauai as Legislature, Zuckerberg, Omidyar send relief funds, 'rescuers' in boats extort evacuees, sunscreen ban advances, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

House Finance Chairwoman Sylvia Luke and Senate Ways and Means Chairman Donovan Dela Cruz announce relief funds, courtesy photo
House and Senate lawmakers on Wednesday agreed to set aside $100 million to help finance the Kauai flood recovery effort and $25 million to speed the Oahu recovery, money that can be made available quickly until federal relief funding is available. The appropriation could be signed into law by Gov. David Ige as early as this week. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii legislators are rushing to send $100 million to rain-soaked Kauai and make $25 million available statewide for damage caused by last weekend’s deluge. Civil Beat.

Hawaii lawmakers are appropriating $125 million to help with flood relief efforts on Kauai and elsewhere in the state. Associated Press.

Legislators proposing $100M aid package for storm-ravaged Kauai. Hawaii News Now.

The state Legislature Wednesday funneled $125 million for road, bridge and other infrastructure repairs for the stricken communities in the wake of devastating flooding on Kauai. Garden Island.


House and Senate conferees began negotiations on a final version of HB1900 HD1 SD1, the state budget bill. Early agreement on a number of budget items included: $7.1 million to increase payments supporting foster children and resource caregivers; $1.7 million for services at Aging and Disability Resource Centers; $3.4 million for rescue and fire fighting staff and vehicles at Lihue Airport; and $500,000 for books and materials for public libraries statewide. Maui Now.

Hawaii Seems Poised To Ban Coral-Damaging Sunscreen. It would be the first state to prohibit the use of sunscreen containing ingredients that scientists say harm sea life. Civil Beat.

Bill seeks to ban 2 sunscreen chemicals suspected of damaging coral. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii lawmakers are discussing versions of two bills that would tighten the state’s already strict gun regulations. Associated Press.

Few Hawaii Students Have Access To After-School Meals. A new report by the Food Research & Action Center shows Hawaii near the bottom in terms of serving an after-school supper to low-income students. Civil Beat.

The American Lung Association's State of the Air 2018 report shows that Hawaii continues to have some of the best air quality in the nation. KHON2.

State seeking to improve how it regulates HECO. State regulators are seeking public participation in an effort to better align the interests of Hawaii’s biggest electric utility and its customers. Star-Advertiser.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has fined Hawaiian Airlines $125,000 for violating the agency’s airline consumer protection rules. Star-Advertiser.

Home Depot is gearing up for spring season by hiring 150 associates in Hawaii, with hiring events taking place at several of its stores across the state on Wednesday. Pacific Business News.


Efforts to clean and restore damaged areas began coalescing Wednesday, with Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell issuing an emergency declaration for Oahu while Gov. David Ige announced that the island was joining Kauai on his state-of-emergency proclamation. Star-Advertiser.

East Honolulu residents still bogged down by mud ask: Where's the government? Hawaii News Now.

Red Hill Underground Storage Fuel Tank Legislation Fails. Local efforts to mandate more timely upgrades for the Navy’s Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility on O’ahu failed in the Legislature this session. Hawaii Public Radio.

Ige announces program to divert Honolulu homeless from jail. Under a new program announced Wednesday by Gov. David Ige, homeless people who commit minor crimes could receive social services instead of going to jail. Star-Advertiser.

The state Wednesday launched a collaborative pilot project called Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, or LEAD, to help Oahu's homeless and reduce criminal activity. KITV.

Waikiki lifeguards frustrated as homeless fights, obscene acts distract from job duties. Hawaii News Now.

The Board of Water Supply has completed repair of the 24” water main which ruptured Tuesday near the entrance to the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill on Farrington Hwy. above Ko Olina in Leeward Oahu. This main feeds water to the entire Waianae Coast. KHON2.

The state held a ceremony Wednesday for starting construction on a $7.3 million technology business incubator building in Kakaako. Star-Advertiser.

Funding for the construction of a 120-bed extended-care veterans’ facility on Oahu has been accelerated due to $685 million in increased funding the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs received from Congress for the VA State Veterans Home Construction Grant Program. Pacific Business News.

Hawaii Island

Juvenile crime is down 58.5 percent over the past five years, despite heavy caseloads and limited budgets in the Office of the County Prosecutor. Crimes in other categories have also been dropping. West Hawaii Today.

Planning director Micheal Yee gave the Hawaii County Council Finance Committee an overview of his department’s operations during a special budget review meeting in Hilo on Tuesday. Big Island Video News.

Big Island Police and the military are investigating a reported sexual assault at the Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy in Hilo. KITV.

Solar contractor sues former customer to remove blog. A Big Island solar contractor is suing a former customer, seeking a court to order the Pahoa man to remove a blog from the internet that the contractor claims was “maliciously created … with the intent to cause financial harm.” Tribune-Herald.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is reporting that the magma system beneath Kilauea’s Puu Oo cone has become increasingly pressurized, leading scientists to believe a new vent and lava flow may be imminent. Star-Advertiser.


Mayor has at least $2M in land and farm holdings. Arakawa, other county officials financial reports released. Maui News.

South Maui residents object to bridge project. Residents say Kulanihakoi Bridge Replacement project won’t stop flooding, offer alternative idea. Maui News.

Repairs Continue at Site of West Maui Waterline Break. Maui Now.


Zuckerberg, Chan pledge $1 million. In response to severe flooding on Kauai, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg have pledged to donate $1 million to organizations working tirelessly to assist the community’s storm relief efforts as well long-term recovery. Garden Island.

Facebook founder and part-time Kauai resident Mark Zuckerberg is donating $1 million to flood relief efforts on the Garden Isle. Hawaii News Now.

The Hawaii Community Foundation said it is partnering with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, his wife Pam and two anonymous donors to establish the Kauai Relief and Recovery Fund to assist with recovery efforts from the recent floodingthat has devastated the island’s North Shore. Pacific Business News.

Zuckerberg, Omidyar among donors supporting flood relief, recovery on Kauai. KHON2.

Kauai Braces For More Rain: 340 Airlifted, 12 Landslides, Thousands of Pounds of Debris. Maui Now.

Here’s Why The Weather Experts Didn’t See The Kauai Storm Coming. The rain-laden system was hard to track because it wasn’t large-scale, like a tropical storm. Civil Beat.

Survey finds flood damage in parts of Kauai worse than formerly thought. Hawaii News Now.

Relief efforts will continue for stranded residents and visitors in Haena and Wainiha on Kauai today despite a flash flood watch that is set to go into effect Thursday through Friday for the entire state. Star-Advertiser.

U.S. Reps. Tulsi Gabbard and Colleen Hanabusa spoke of the destruction caused by severe flooding on Kauai and East Oahu on the House floor this morning, calling attention to victims while thanking first responders for their hard work. Star-Advertiser.

The Kauai Police Department and Kauai County prosecutors said Wednesday that they were investigating multiple extortion cases involving would-be rescuers during the island’s historic rain and flood event over the weekend. Hawaii News Now.

A female bison frightened by the on-going, helicopter storm relief efforts in Hanalei bolted into the ocean Wednesday and was roped and brought back to shore: First by boat, then with the help of personal watercraft and —finally — four paniolo from the bison’s Hanalei ranch who patiently nudged it out of the surf. Star-Advertiser.

Reality Sets In For Kauai’s Flooded-Out Residents. Civil Beat.

Hanalei Elementary School on Kauai will remain closed for all students for the rest of the week as the campus is cleaned after suffering flood damage this weekend, state Department of Education officials said Wednesday. Star-Advertiser.

Lenny Rapozo, director of the county Department of Parks and Recreation, has officially filed his papers for the upcoming mayoral race. Garden Island.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Governor surveys Kauai flood damage, more than 200 rescued; quiet title law proceeding through Legislature; Honolulu officials soothe feds over rail payments; Kim leads in congressional fundraising, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

courtesy photo
Gov. Ige surveys Kauai storm damage. See Kauai category below for extensive coverage.
Changes to Quiet Title Law Still on the Table. A bill before the State Legislature may make it harder for new landowners in Hawaii to clear title to their piece of paradise. Proponents of the bill say it would help native Hawaiians preserve ancestral lands. Hawaii Public Radio.

State Sen. Donna Mercado Kim continues to lead her opponents when it comes to raising campaign cash in the race for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District, which covers urban Oahu. Civil Beat.

Recreational aquarium collection permits voided. Conservation groups hope there will be plenty of fish in the sea following another legal victory against the Department of Land and Resources. West Hawaii Today.

A rumored merger between Marriott Vacations Worldwide and ILG Inc. could create the largest timeshare company in Hawaii, creating competition for Hilton Grand Vacations. Pacific Business News.


Officials torn on how to get rail money. Key city officials Monday assured top brass at the Federal Transit Administration that they are committed to providing the city’s share of funding for the financially strapped rail project. Star-Advertiser.

A Honolulu City Councilman is requesting emergency proclamations to help homeowners in East Honolulu who sustained severe damage from flooding on Friday. Star-Advertiser.

Worst flooding for East Oahu in 30 years. Oahu's torrential downpours created East Oahu's worst flooding in three decades. KITV.

City to create temporary dump-sites for residents to discard storm debris. Hawaii News Now.

With a little help, East Oahu cleans up after flash flood wallops area. Star-Advertiser.

Olomana golf course closed indefinitely, owner behind on payments. A popular golf course in windward Oahu shut down without any notice on when or if it will be reopened. KHON2.

Bowling Alley Supporters Fight For ‘Soul Of Kailua’. Millennials lead the charge to convince a development company to hold off on its plan to redevelop the Pali Lanes site. Civil Beat.

Fatboy’s restaurant owner charged with tax violations, faces imprisonment. Pacific Business News.

Hawaii Island

Funding for ambitious plan to fix county transit system still needs to be worked out. More reliable buses, more routes and better coordination are coming to the county transit system, if recommendations of a master plan discussed Monday evening are implemented. Tribune-Herald.

SpinLaunch reps face criticism during informational session in Naalehu. Ka'u residents during a community meeting Saturday expressed their considerable disapproval of a facility proposed to be built in Ocean View that would launch satellites. Tribune-Herald.

Kilauea’s summit lava lake is the highest it’s been in more than a year. Tribune-Herald.

Man swept into ocean while reportedly fleeing from police. Tribune-Herald.


The Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve area on Maui’s south shore will remain closed until at least Monday, April 23, 2018 due to the continued presence of sharks in the popular snorkeling destination. Maui Now.

Southern terminus of Lahaina bypass blessed. The 2.6-mile-long, $38.7 million roadway is set to open April 23. Maui News.

Tri Park Annual Pass fee to increase. Maui News.


Emergency responders rescued more than 200 people by helicopter Monday after they were stranded on Kauai’s North Shore following a severe storm that walloped the island this weekend. Star-Advertiser.

State to Kauai flood evacuees: We don't know when you'll be able to go home. Hawaii News Now.

The Path To Recovery In Hanalei Will Be A Long One. The record-setting storm, which dumped 28 inches of rain in 24 hours, has dramatically changed the North Shore of the island for some time to come. Civil Beat.

Evacuation and relief efforts were to continue Tuesday morning in Kauai communities devastated by severe flooding. Hawaii News Now.

Community races to help. When tragedy strikes on Kauai, the community comes together. Garden Island.

Rescue and relief efforts continue on Kauai, some areas of the Garden Isle is destroyed. KITV.

First-hand look at extensive flood damage, rescue efforts on Kauai. KHON2.

Gov. David Ige, Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho, and military and county emergency crews took a helicopter tour of the devastated areas of the North Shore aboard a Hawaii National Guard Black Hawk Helicopter Monday morning. Maui Now.

View from above shows devastation. Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. saw the view from above on a helicopter tour Monday and got a true understanding of the devastation that happened in Hanalei, Haena and Wainiha over the weekend. Garden Island.

Jessica Else shares perspective of the situation in Hanalei after bridge opens. Garden Island.

What you can do: How to help Kauai flood victims. Hawaii News Now.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Breaking -- Big changes could be coming to Pacific Missile Range on Kauai

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Pacific Missile Range, Kauai © 2016 All Hawaii News
The U.S. military has stepped up discussions on converting its Aegis missile defense test site in Hawaii into a combat-ready facility that would bolster American defenses against ballistic missile attacks, according to sources familiar with the discussions. Reuters