Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just sayin' : No vote, no grumble.

If you're reading this, you're one of the smart ones. The ones who keep up on the issues and the news of the day.

You -- yes, you! You have not only the privilege of voting, you have the duty. Don't let our election be stolen by the power brokers, the money makers, the ones who can sway an election just by plastering a candidate's name around town.

You have the duty to vote because you know more about a candidate than his or her name. You know more about a ballot issue than what a special interest told you about it.

so, please. Do you duty. Get to the polls Tuesday and vote.

 If you aren't sure where your polling place is -- re- mem- ber, some polling places changed this year -- just put your address in the polling place locator above. No worries, we're not saving the information.

We just want you. You -- the informed voter. We want you to vote. Just do it. Otherwise, no complaining from you about what our elected officials are doing. No vote, no grumble. Just sayin'.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Missile test off Kauai, Hillary Clinton visit concluded, more human trafficking charges, Lance Armstrong to compete in Ironman, building code changes draw fire, UH records leak imperils privacy, more campaigning, Maui top tourist destination, lots of island news

A Japanese naval destroyer shot down a ballistic missile in a test yesterday off Kauai. Associated Press.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday the U.S. has "quickened the pace and widened the scope" of engagement in Asia and the Pacific, and she downplayed concerns the U.S. is ceding power to a militarily rising China. Star-Advertiser.

The visit to Hawaii by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was brief -- less than 24 hours -- but it was stamped with a few interesting impressions of the Aloha State. Star-Advertiser.

She calls Hawaii ‘America's bridge to the East'. For the second time this year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an official visit to the islands and highlighted how Hawaii plays a key role in American foreign policy. Hawaii News Now.

Republican U.S. Rep. Charles Djou said Thursday that he supports holding a nonbinding plebiscite in Hawaii on proposed federal legislation that would initiate negotiations for a new native Hawaiian government. Associated Press.

Political experts say all signs point to major Republican Party gains in U.S. congressional midterm elections set to take place in less than one week on November 2. Hawaii Reporter.

Why should anyone care who gets elected and who doesn’t on November 2? Hawaii Independent.

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle says a Democratic Party TV ad is "an 11th hour smear" of her and the record of Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona, the Republican candidate for governor. Associated Press.

Governor Lingle is crying foul on the latest attack ad against gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona. KHON2.

Republican Gov.Linda Lingle is fuming over a 30-second television commercial that criticizes her administration. “I am not going sit by and let others to rewrite history,” Lingle said. KITV4.

Hawaii's gubernatorial candidates disagree on how soon $23.7 million in state emergency funds should be released to nonprofit organizations. Star-Advertiser.

Education has been a top priority this election season and there's disagreement on what should be the first course of action on the subject once a new governor is elected. Hawaii News Now.

Supporters of a constitutional amendment to switch to an appointed school board have far outspent those opposing the change, according to filings with the state Campaign Spending Commission. Star-Advertiser.

If you attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa or UH West Oahu your personal information may have been posted online, accessible to just about anyone.KHON2.

A survey of world island tourist destinations puts Hawaii, and particularly Maui, at or near the top in hotel occupancy, prices and revenue per available room. Maui News.

New state building code requirements are expected to further increase already high construction prices on the island. West Hawaii Today.

Proposed changes to Hawaii County's Building Code received a cool reception from contractors, owner-builders and others who attended a public briefing Wednesday in Hilo. Tribune-Herald.

Aloun Farm operators Alec and Mike Sou are facing additional charges in connection with their importation in 2004 of 44 Thai nationals to work on their Ewa farm. Star-Advertiser.

Civil Beat asked Abercrombie and Aiona where they stand on human trafficking. Civil Beat.

A stakeholder committee Oct. 22 came up with a formula for identifying important agricultural lands on the island. Garden Island.

The president of Hu Honua Bioenergy answered community concerns about a proposed power plant under oath Wednesday and gave a tour of the shuttered facility that he hopes to reopen. Tribune-Herald.

Hawaiian Telcom Communications Inc. says it's emerged from bankruptcy after two years under court-protected reorganization. Associated Press.

Lance Armstrong to compete in 2011 Hawaii Ironman. Hawaii News Now.

Every week, his boss gave the order that would cement them both into the annals of popular culture: "Book 'em, Danno." Star-Advertiser.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hillary Clinton visit puts Hawaii on world stage, Djou could be key to GOP majority, big changes for education, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Hawaii, pool photo
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in town. Hawaii News Now.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling on China to clarify its policy on the export of rare earth minerals, exotic metals essential for the success of key high-tech industries. Associated Press.

The United States and Japan, grappling with the curtailment of strategically important rare-earth minerals from China, said late Wednesday both countries would need to find alternative sources of supply for these elements, as they sought to present a unified front in an increasingly tense Asian region. New York Times.

"New challenges" facing the United States and Japan will require the two nations "to deepen our dialogue, " U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said last night in Honolulu. Star-Advertiser.

The United States and Japan say they agree that "the entire world" must begin to develop new sources of rare earth minerals after receiving a "wake-up call" from China. Voice of America.

Honolulu serves as host for international talks, solidifying the relationship between the United States and Japan. KITV4.

Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara has paid his respects to U.S. war dead at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Associated Press.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will deliver a major policy speech at The Kahala Hotel and Resort this morning. She is expected to take the podium at 8:30 a.m. Hawaii News Now.

Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara hailed the accomplishments of Japanese-Americans, saying Japanese immigrants have become deeply rooted in American society after enduring severe hardships. Associated Press.

A fill-in Republican congressman has a shot at winning a full-term job in Hawaii, a Democratic stronghold and President Barack Obama's birth state. Associated Press.

U.S. Rep. Charles Djou yesterday brought out a group of small business owners who support his message of trying to reform a "fiscally irresponsible" Congress, while his opponent Colleen Hanabusa called him "hypocritical" for preaching fiscal restraint after spending $156,000 of taxpayer money during his first few weeks in office. Star-Advertiser.

Supporters of the measure to legalize marijuana in California say it'll do a lot to help their financial woes.  Opponents say it will jeopardize public safety.  Would this work for Hawaii?  Here's what our candidates for governor had to say about that. Hawaii News Now.

Neil Abercrombie met separately with union and business leaders in Hilo on Tuesday in the furious final week of campaign season. Tribune-Herald.

Six weeks ago, a coalition of four Hawaii citizens' groups -- Voter Owned Hawaii and the state chapters of the League of Women Voters, the Sierra Club and Common Cause -- sent e-mails to every candidate in Hawaii state elections, inviting them to pledge their support for comprehensive public funding for elections. Big Island Weekly.

Keanae resident Meiling Akuna has spent zilch on her campaign to unseat state District 13 House Rep. Mele Carroll. Maui News.

The Army's bid to resume live-fire training at Makua Valley hit a snag yesterday when a federal judge ruled that the Army failed to adequately study the impacts on potential cultural sites and seaweed at Makua Beach. Star-Advertiser.

A new Civil Beat poll of 1,181 likely voters found 60.6 percent support a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2 ballot that would replace the elected board with one appointed by the governor. Civil Beat.

Research suggests that it’s not about how school board members get their jobs. It’s about the ways they think and talk about schools. Honolulu Weekly.

When it was announced in August, Hawaii's $75 million “Race to the Top” federal grant sounded like a done deal. KITV4.

Hawaii's public school system is on the eve of one of the most important labor negotiations in its modern history, according to education and union leaders. KITV4.

Construction of the $50.5 million West Hawaii Civic Center in Kailua-Kona is within budget and on target for completion by the end of the year with county departments moved in soon after, a county official said Tuesday. West Hawaii Today.

A project to improve the arrival experience for international visitors at Honolulu airport is complete. KHON2.

One of the greatest issues that will face the next Maui County Council is the proposed change to how members are elected. Molokai Dispatch.

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle on Wednesday signed a bill aimed at keeping public sidewalks clear of obstructions. KITV4.

Mayor Charmaine Tavares has still raised more money for her campaign overall, but challenger Alan Arakawa has filled his war chest with a big post-primary fundraising push, candidate spending reports show. Maui News.

Ka'u Councilman Guy Enriques' controversial proposal to sell a county-owned road is being delayed to help him win re-election, Hamakua Councilman Dominic Yagong has alleged. Tribune-Herald.

County officials this week repeatedly refused to answer questions about Dexter Shimatsu, 62, of ‘Ele‘ele, the former county Department of Liquor Control supervisor who allegedly sent harassing e-mails to a co-worker using his employee account. Garden Island.

After 30 years of protecting native animals and plants, the head of Hawaii's agricultural inspection operation leaves behind a short-handed and beleaguered team today, worried that invading species are slipping into the islands. Star-Advertiser.

On the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri, Monsanto’s Chesterfield Village Research Center can easily be missed from the freeway—its buildings tucked deep behind long driveways that traverse up a steady hill. Hawaii Independent.

Hawaii Electric Light Co. has restored power to some 23,000 customers in various parts of the Big Island. Associated Press.

An extensive study into cancer in Hawaii is helping shed light on the disease and the toll it takes on our population. KHON2.

Over 6,000 people in Hawai‘i are diagnosed with cancer every year. Hawaii Reporter.

A small parasite is quickly spreading across the globe...and Hawaii is not immune. KHON2.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Race in governor's race, Hawaii Muslims aided feds in capturing alleged terrorist, civil unions a close debate, Walgreens enters Big Island, more on candidates and races around the state

Hawaii civil unions protest (c) 2010
A new Hawaii Poll found that 48 percent generally support a civil unions bill passed by the state Legislature and vetoed by Gov. Linda Lingle this year, while 44 percent oppose the bill and 9 percent are undecided. The margin of error was 4 percentage points. Star Advertiser.

The civil unions question isn't on the ballot and supporters don't want it to be. Hawaii News Now.

In the nation's most multicultural state, Hawaii's GOP is broadening its appeal with a gubernatorial team of a Native Hawaiian and a Filipina, while Democrats are fielding two white men for election to the state's highest office. Associated Press.

Even a week away from the election, supporters have run into voters that still have not made their choices of candidates. KITV4.

Ex-Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann is appearing in a TV ad urging a vote for his former rival, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie. Associated Press.

Republican gubernatorial hopeful James "Duke" Aiona is set to kick off a four-island bus tour featuring sign waving and rallies. Associated Press.

Meet your candidates for Governor. Garden Island.

City ad raises question about the line between advocacy and public education when it comes to spending tax dollars. Civil Beat.

Ten-year state Sen. Russell Kokubun swept through the Sept. 18 Democratic primary with 82 percent of the vote, and he now faces a political newcomer and Republican challenger who lists term limits high on his pro-business agenda. West Hawaii Today.

In the waning days before the general election, Republican state House nominee George Fontaine, a former Maui police captain, looks like he has a Willie Horton strategy to challenge incumbent Democratic Rep. Joe Bertram III. Maui News.

Republican challenger Laurie Rinaldi is criticizing state House Rep. Kyle Yamashita's ties to the state's dominant Democratic Party, saying he tows the party line at the expense of his Upcountry constituents. Maui News.

A missed bit of punctuation may have been the basis for wrong information leading to allegations against a West Hawaii state representative candidate.West Hawaii Today.

The chairwoman of the Legislature's federal stimulus oversight commission criticized the Lingle administration for not spending $35 million in federal funds to stave off Furlough Fridays in the classroom, since the money was available before the school year began. Star-Advertiser.

A Hawaii man who faces international terrorism charges worshiped several times at a mosque in Manoa but was asked to leave because of his extreme views, that's according to the Chairman of the Muslim Association of Hawaii. KHON2.

The Muslim Association of Hawaii said the man taken into custody this week on terrorism-related charges came to the Islamic Center of Hawaii to worship and that the association assisted law enforcement agencies in the case. Star-Advertiser.

Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, according to the FBI, traveled the world in search of jihad. LA Times.

A New York City police unit that tracks terror threats on the Internet played a key role in the arrest of a New York man accused of trying to join the Taliban by enlisting in the U.S. military. Associated Press.

More seats from Canada, Korea and Australia, plus increases capacity from cities up and down the U.S. West Coast, will bring Hawaii 7% more visitors over the next three months if load factors remain steady. Hawaii News Now.

The government is warning schools about rules against bullying as a new study suggests the problem is worse than parents may have realized. Hawaii News Now.

Four years after a 2 percent property tax revenue set aside was approved by Big Island voters, a charter amendment on the same subject is on the ballot this year. West Hawaii Today.

There's a story behind the blue, white and green plastic covering the surface of the Pacific Ocean vacuum cleaner. They're tiny bits of plastic collected from one of Hawaii's dirtiest beaches, Kahuku, where waves dump trash from the Pacific all day long. Associated Press.

The changing of command is one of the oldest Army traditions, although time passes and commanders and Soldiers change out, the honor and dedication to the profession of serving in the Armed Forces lives on. Hawaii Reporter.

Media Council of Hawaii still waiting for FCC ruling on T.V. merger. KHON2.

A Hawaii Kai neighborhood board meeting turned out to be the venue for an update about the future of development near the corner of Hawaii Kai drive and Keahole Street. KITV4.

A conservation group is hoping to purchase five acres of land in Hawaii Kai next to The Oahu Club. KHON2.

UH Issues Security Alert Following Campus Assault. KITV4.

The North Shore Neighborhood Board’s commitee on addressing “homelessness” on the North Shore will hold a meeting on November 4 at 7:00 p.m. Hawaii Independent.

Walgreens anticipates that renovations of its new Hilo store will be complete by spring 2011. Tribune-Herald.

Representatives from the visitor industry had an opportunity to create their own Hawaiian culture experience, Friday. Garden Island.

While domestic violence unfortunately happens all year round, the month of October represents an opportunity to take action against this social problem. Molokai Dispatch.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawaii politics get dirty, HPD officers cited for OT violations, doctors' licenses revoked, Molokai solar maxed out, elect or appoint BOE debated, more news

A panel of Kauaians and others with strong opinions about the federal humpback whale sanctuary will make their pitches at a free discussion. Garden Island.

More than half of Hawaii voters support a constitutional amendment to switch from an elected school board to an appointed one, but with a significant percentage of undecided voters, the proposal could fail with a combination of "no" and blank votes, according to new Hawaii Poll results. Star-Advertiser.

A movement to replace Hawaii's Board of Education with appointed members has gained steam largely because voters often find themselves voting for candidates they do not know. Tribune-Herald.

Hawaii voters will have more to contemplate than just gubernatorial and Congressional races when they step into voting booths next week. Hawaii Reporter.

An expert on Northeast Asian political and security issues at the East-West Center said he doesn't expect any bombshell announcements by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on a stopover Wednesday and Thursday in Hawaii. Star-Advertiser.

Both Neil Abercrombie and Duke Aiona are feeling the love from voters. Hawaii News Now.

Former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, the Democratic candidate for governor, and his running mate for lieutenant governor have raised more than twice the campaign contributions of Republican Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona and his running mate since the September primary. Star-Advertiser.

If Filipino voters had their way, former Congressman Neil Abercrombie will be the seventh governor of the state of Hawaii. Filipino Chronicle.

Democratic party candidate for Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie has raised more than twice as much money as his GOP oppponent Duke Aiona from Sept. 19 through October 18 -- final reporting period before the general election. KITV4.

Democratic governor candidate raised more than twice as much money as Aiona in the month following primary election. Civil Beat.

If elected Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan promise to start a College Tuition Assurance Program. KITV4.

Republican candidate for governor James "Duke" Aiona is proposing that Hawaii colleges and universities freeze tuition at the level paid by students during their freshmen years. Associated Press.

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Neil Abercrombie is criticizing a decision by Gov. Linda Lingle not to disburse about $24 million to several community programs. Associated Press.

Democratic congressional candidate Colleen Hanabusa is criticizing a TV ad by the National Republican Congressional Committee that suggests actions by her fiance may have been corrupt. Associated Press.

A new television commercial by national Republicans against Colleen Hanabusa and her husband ranks among the "dirtiest Hawaii has ever seen," the Democrat's campaign says. Star-Advertiser.

Democrat Daniel Inouye has represented Hawaii in the U.S. Senate for nearly 48 years, and Republican Cam Cavasso thinks that's long enough. Associated Press.

District 10 state House hopeful Ramon Madden points to the shipwrecked sailboat lying in the ocean off Front Street as an example of how state Rep. Angus McKelvey has not effected change in his West Maui and north Kihei district. Maui News.

Just 154 votes. That was the difference between the two finalists in the Hawaii County Council District 6 primary. West Hawaii Today.

Two Hawaii County Council members wrote letters in favor of releasing outspoken Big Island marijuana advocate Roger Christie from custody pending his trial in federal court for conspiracy, marijuana manufacture, possession and distribution. Star-Advertiser.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa welcomed a new state of the art addition to its campus this morning. KHON2.

Nearly $24 million dollars approved by the legislature to help social service programs will not be released by the governor's office. KHON2.

Norwegian Cruise Line has agreed to pay more than $140,000 and improve services for disabled travelers on its cruises. Associated Press.

Residents looking to include renewable energy to power their homes in Kalae, Kualapu`u and parts of Ho`olehua must now join the waiting line. Like Kaunakakai, the power circuit is temporarily tapped out. Molokai Dispatch.

Senior citizens strum out a song and stretch out their muscles at the Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center. Hawaii News Now.

The Hawaii Medical Board revoked the licenses of two doctors for failing to disclose their legal problems in other states. KITV4.

Seven Honolulu police officers are being charged with misdemeanors for allegedly claiming excess overtime. Associated Press.

Seven Honolulu police officers have been charged in connection with an overtime abuse investigation. KHON2.

Two sergeants and five police officers attached to traffic enforcement with the Honolulu Police Department are accused of padding their overtime. Star-Advertiser.

A Hawaii man is in federal custody tonight awaiting extradition to New York to face charges that he lied in a matter involving international terrorism. KHON2.

The illegal dump site between Waipahu High School and Pearl Harbor is tough to see, unless you're looking from above. Hawaii News Now.

Candidates making a bid for political office had an opportunity to experience the proposed next phase of the multi-use path, Friday afternoon on the Eastside. Garden Island.

The overall scheme of Koolau Poko’s updated Sustainable Communities Plan is firstly the protection of cultural, agricultural, natural, and scenic resources. Hawaii Independent.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New polling shows tight races, Mufi steps up, federal judgeship stalled, marijuana messiah stays in prison, Hawaii retirees hurting, more news from all the islands

We live in the most beautiful place on the planet - a blessing, and yet, in some ways, not so much. KHON2.

The latest Hawaii Poll shows Democratic former congressman Neil Abercrombie holding a lead over Republican Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona in the race for governor. Hawaii News Now.

Gubernatorial candidates James "Duke" Aiona and Neil Abercrombie continue to be rated favorably by a majority of voters, according to a new poll that also shows their lesser-known running mates trailing slightly behind. Star-Advertiser.

President of International Transformation Network writes Civil Beat to "help present a more constructive picture to build much needed bridges." Civil Beat.

Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann came out on Maui on Wednesday and at a Democratic party rally on Oahu Saturday to strongly back his former rival, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie. KITV4.

Gov. Linda Lingle's job approval rating has climbed, a new Hawaii Poll has found, but more than half of voters still disapprove of the way she is handling the challenges facing Hawaii as she prepares to leave office after two four-year terms. Star-Advertiser.

The race for Hawaii's 1st Congressional District seat is too close to call. The latest poll numbers show Charles Djou and Colleen Hanabusa are virtually tied with a little more than a week to go until the general election. Hawaii News Now.

Both come from families of immigrants. Both grew up in Hawaii. Both are lawyers who rose to power in elected office. Associated Press.

Nine days and counting until the General Election. KHON2.

Candidates at Saturday's Democratic rally hosted at the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu weren't just taking the stage to stump. KITV4.

Fewer than 300 votes separated Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares from challenger Alan Arakawa in the September primary, and their runoff contest for the county's top job is expected to be close as well. Star-Advertiser.

Democratic state Sen. Shan Tsutsui is starting to sound a bit like his Central Maui compatriot, the former state House speaker and still-very-active Rep. Joe Souki, 77. Maui News.

Political newcomer Dean Schmucker says he's running against longtime State Rep. Joe Souki to give voters in his district the option to choose a "conservative candidate." Maui News.

Hawaii County Council District 5 was one of only two council races left undecided after the Sept. 18 primary. And as happened in the other race, a challenger came out slightly ahead of the incumbent in a crowded field. West Hawaii Today.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to arrive in Honolulu this Wednesday. KHON2.

The confirmation of President Barack Obama's appointment of U.S. Magistrate Leslie Kobayashi as a U.S. district judge to fill a 15-month-old vacancy has been delayed. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii's court system, the third branch of state government, has more than 1,900 employees, and payroll makes up almost three-fourths of its $137.8 million annual budget. Civil Beat.

Cost of life: One in four Hawaii retirees over 65 depends almost entirely on Social Security. Hawaii Independent.

Federal tax fraud charges, an IRS investigation into a $14 million secret account in Switzerland, a state criminal case for 7 manslaughter counts, a host of civil lawsuits and a record for the worst environmental criminal convictions against an individual in Hawaii’s history. Hawaii Reporter.

The tradition of Friday night football on Kaua‘i has been disrupted by an unusual culprit: Young seabirds migrating to the ocean mistake stadium lights for the moon and stars, causing them to become disoriented, drop from the sky and fall prey to cats and dogs. Associated Press.

Knowledge was passed hand to hand through Kapaau town Saturday morning as residents from around the Big Island came together to move thousands of books to the new North Kohala Public Library. West Hawaii Today.

Health officials have determined that what looked like brown sludge floating off Oahu's South Shore earlier this week was a natural algae bloom. Associated Press.

In response to the threat posed by the coffee berry borer, state agriculture officials are preparing to establish a quarantine on the transport of green coffee beans from South Kona. Tribune-Herald.

While most county employees were furloughed two days a month to save money, the county still racked up almost $2 million in overtime over a three-month period. West Hawaii Today.

Hepatitis is a silent epidemic in Hawaii – the state has the highest rate of live cancer in the U.S. caused by hepatitis B and C. Molokai Dispatch.

State Attorney General Mark Bennett and Stephen Levins, executive director of the Office of Consumer Protection, last week announced that Hawaii has joined a multi-state effort to address practices by mortgage loan servicers that appear to be in violation of state laws. Lahaina News.

They emerged as seven brothers, entering the Kaua‘i Police Department at a time of great need and change, according to Chief Darryl Perry. Garden Island.

A Hilo marijuana activist and minister facing a federal trial next April for allegedly operating a pot distribution ring has been denied bail a fourth time -- and his girlfriend has broken her silence on the subject. Tribune-Herald.

Foodland Super Market Ltd. has launched a "Take the Bag Challenge" at all its Foodland, Sack N Save and Foodland Farm stores aimed at reducing its plastic and paper bag usage by 25 million bags at all stores next year. Maui News.

A blessing ceremony is slated for the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus to mark the completion of a new research facility called C-MORE Hale. Associated Press.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hawaii Gov. Lingle takes 'serious' look at 2012 Senate seat, feds ban campaign money limits, charter school enrollment up, more on food stamps, Honolulu voter confidentiality breached, UH rally boosts voting, Hawaii Five-0 set for season, more

In a performance worthy of the excruciatingly slow decision-making process of former Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Gov. Linda Lingle is toying with a run for the U.S. Senate in 2012. Star-Advertiser.

 The two top candidates for urban Honolulu's congressional seat argued about spending for social security benefits in their last live, televised debate before the election Thursday night. KITV4.

An independent expenditure committee called Working Families For Hawaii has launched a TV ad portraying GOP congressional candidate Charles Djou as a lock-step Republican who votes to hurt Hawaii. KITV4.

The two candidates for Hawaii's 1st Congressional District have sparred over the economy, government spending and senior citizen programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Associated Press.

 A federal court’s decision to stop the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission from enforcing a limit on contributions received by political committees doing only independent spending for political speech will remain in effect for now, according to the federal appeals court. Hawaii Reporter.

Non-partisan ‘Use Your Voice, Use Your Vote’ rally at UH Manoa raises voter awareness. Hawaii Independent.

More Hawaii working families getting government food aid. Associated Press.

Hawaii didn't fare too well in a new national survey of policies covering how mothers and expectant mothers are treated in prison. Associated Press.

Stimulus supporting state energy storage. Maui News.

Molokai General Hospital (MGH) has recently completed installation of the largest solar electricity generation system on the island. Molokai Dispatch.

Aunty Puanani Lindsey shares a pule/oli (prayer/chant) for the Earth with those joining her on weekly volunteer service trips to malama (care for) Honokowai Valley or Hanaula. Lahaina News.

Next year's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Honolulu is expected to generate some $120 million in economic impact for Hawaii. Associated Press.

Teen traffic deaths have declined dramatically over the past six years. KHON2.

New Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro has added three new deputy prosecutors including a former legislator who was convicted of drunken driving and the Honolulu police chief's wife. KITV4.

Former lawmaker joining Honolulu prosecutor's office. KHON2.

Hawaii Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu is taking a job in the Honolulu city prosecutor's office after an unsuccessful run for lieutenant governor. Associated Press.

The Honolulu office of elections promises to protect the confidentiality of voters who face life threatening circumstances, but Civil Beat has learned that it doesn't live up to its word. Civil Beat.

The race to represent Puna makai on the Hawaii County Council is between a colorful, two-term incumbent and a retired businessman. Tribune-Herald.

The number of students attending public charter schools statewide continued to grow this year, even though no new campuses opened, while enrollment at regular public schools was largely unchanged. Star-Advertiser.

Public school enrollment on the Big Island continued its slow decline this year. Tribune-Herald.

Ryan Ozawa may well be the most influential social media maven in Hawaii, although one is hard-pressed to get him to admit it. Hawaii Independent.

Pesky problem apparently wiped out in Maui. KHON2.

Waikiki hotels ran fuller last week despite a strike at Hilton Hawaiian Village, and occupancy also rose in Maui County, but fell on Kauai and the Big Island. Hawaii News Now.

A federal bankruptcy judge in New York has approved a reorganization for General Growth Properties that will split it into two companies. Hawaii News Now.

An envisioned high-rise condominium on top of the Nordstrom parking garage at Ala Moana Center will be one project taken over by a major new player in Honolulu's condominium development scene, as part of the bankruptcy reorganization of mall owner General Growth Properties. Star-Advertiser.

Bad news for the terrorists, gang lords and street scum running amok in town: CBS Television gave "Hawaii Five-0" yesterday a full 22-episode season to fight crime. Star-Advertiser.

The Hawaii County Council accepted a pared-down slate of exemptions for a North Kona affordable housing development, but delayed approving the document until county officials and developers have more time to review and refine the request. West Hawaii Today.

The County Council on Wednesday approved an amended Puna Community Development Plan that's now headed to Mayor Billy Kenoi's desk. Tribune-Herald.

At Kapa‘a High School, Christine Farina has taken part in an organization to help teach her economics class what business is all about. Garden Island.

Maui County Council members voted 6-2 late Tuesday to approve the Kula Ridge project that promises to build 59 affordable homes for senior citizens and single families. Maui News.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama, 'Lost' star, promote Hawaii Democrats, humpback whales return, affordable housing coming to Maui, Hawaii park fees begin, Kahuku wind farm moving forward, more news from the islands

President Obama appears in new television advertisements for U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie for governor and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa for U.S. Congress as local Democrats try to seize on the Hawaii-born president's popularity in the islands. Star-Advertiser.

President Barack Obama is supporting Democratic gubernatorial nominee Neil Abercrombie in a new TV ad. KHON2.

Actor Daniel Day Kim plays Chin Ho Kelly on the blockbuster remake of Hawaii 5-0, but the former Pennsylvania native turned Hawaii resident, has another role in the islands – advocating for the Democratic Party this election. Hawaii Reporter.

There are new attacks and counter-attacks in the race for Governor. Hawaii News Now.

Governor candidate Duke Aiona on Wednesday said Neil Abercrombie's campaign is using social networking to spread false information about his relationship with a controversial religious group. KITV4.

Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona, the Republican candidate for governor, claimed yesterday that former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, his Democratic opponent, has engaged in negative campaigning by spreading a video that links him to an international evangelical network with controversial views about homosexuality. Star-Advertiser.

Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona charged Wednesday that a senior member of the Neil Abercrombie campaign has brought "an extreme level of negative campaigning" into the governor election. Civil Beat.

Republican U.S. Rep. Charles Djou and Democrat Colleen Hanabusa are battling over Hawaii's 1st Congressional District, but there's a third person at work in the Nov. 2 general election: Ed Case. Associated Press.

Voters will be asked to decide on an appointed school board and forming a transit authority for the rail but there are plenty of other important questions on this ballot that could trip up voters if they don't do some research. Hawaii News Now.

Retaining the counties' portion of the Transient Accommodations Tax, bringing jobs back to the Big Island and improving the island's health care system were some of the offers candidates seeking West Hawaii's two seats in the state House of Representatives. West Hawaii Today.

The final Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce political forum Tuesday evening at the War Memorial Convention Hall was far removed from the tense discussions of similar past events — at least at the beginning. Garden Island.

Rep. John Mizuno wants to increase the possible penalty for endangering the welfare of a minor after a Kalihi man allegedly left his eleven month old baby home alone for several hours Tuesday evening. KHON2.

The Pacific Whale Foundation says the first humpback whale of the season has been spotted off the west coast of Maui. Associated Press.

The open wounds are visible several miles from the island -- strips of red earth cut by explosives, grazing animals, wind and rain, bleeding an estimated 2 millions tons of soil a year into the ocean. Star-Advertiser.

Volunteers are lining up for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.There's no room service. Or housekeeping. The boat over is no luxury liner. Still, there's a two year waiting list to get on the tiny island of Kahoolawe. Hawaii News Now.

The state has begun charging visitors and commercial tour vehicles to park at Iao Valley State Monument. Maui News.

A Honolulu Liquor Commission investigator is suing the city, saying he suffered discrimination and retaliation when Dewey Kim was the commission administrator. Star-Advertiser.

Former Honolulu City Deputy Prosecutor Kevin Takata, ousted when new Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro took office this month, was not out of work for long. Hawaii Reporter.

Maui County Council members voted 6-2 late Tuesday to approve the Kula Ridge project that promises to bring 59 affordable housing units for senior citizens and single families. Maui News.

The wind farm project in Kahuku reached a milestone over the weekend when the final turbine was erected, company officials said. KITV4.

The overarching goal of the North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan is to keep the region’s population—1.7 percent of the Oahu’s total—consistent through the year 2025. Hawaii Independent.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) is considering re-designating Mo`omomi-Anahaki as a “Special District,” which would protect resources, provide stewardship opportunities and preserve the unique sense of place. Molokai Dispatch.

Action on a proposed bill to impose impact fees on new developments to provide for infrastructure was postponed Tuesday by the County Council's Planning Committee. West Hawaii Today.

It's make or break-even in the Hawaii auto industry. KHON2.

Hawaii County Council members narrowly support borrowing $56 million to build parks, roads and other infrastructure, but don't want the money tied to specific projects. Tribune-Herald.

A proposed ordinance authorizing the county to issue up to $56 million in general obligation bonds for various Big Island public improvement projects is moving on to the Hawaii County Council. West Hawaii Today.

On Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., the North Kohala community will come together to make a human chain over a mile long to move the collection of 15,000 books and other materials, by hand, from the old Bond Memorial Public Library to the newly constructed North Kohala Public Library, one and a third miles away. Big Island Weekly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kilauea vog hurts health, Hawaii Five-0 brings in bucks, Star-Advertiser fights RNC for photo rights, meth plagues Maui, candidates debate, more Hawaii news

The risk of upper respiratory problems increased significantly on the Big Island during high vog events -- and children were the most sensitive to the bad air -- according to a new study that compared clinic visits in communities hardest hit by volcanic emissions before and after a new Kilauea vent opened in March 2008. Star-Advertiser.

A new study shows health complaints spiked in the Big Island community downwind of Kilauea's summit after the volcano began spewing more sulfur dioxide due to a second simultaneous eruption in 2008. Associated Press.

With two weeks to go before Election Day, the candidates for Hawaii's hotly contested 1st Congressional District sharpened their rhetoric on each other last night as they faced off in a live debate for the fourth time in seven days. Star-Advertiser.

Congressional candidates Charles Djou and Colleen Hanabusa squared off in a heated debate televised live on KGMB Tuesday night. Hawaii News Now.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser is accusing U.S. Rep. Charles Djou and the Hawaii Republican Party of violating its copyright of a photo of Democrat Colleen Hanabusa used in a TV attack ad. Associated Press.

For the second night in a row, the candidates for governor squared off in a forum on the neighbor islands. KHON2.

With just two weeks remaining before Election Day, Duke Aiona and Neil Abercrombie sparred in a debate Tuesday night on Kauai. KITV4.

How appropriate Kauai's joint governor-lieutenant governor debate was held at the War Memorial Convention Hall on Harby Street in Lihue. The race for governor, after all, is a fight to the finish, and the polls show it remains close. Civil Beat.

Former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie said yesterday that he voted for a constitutional amendment calling for a state school board appointed by the governor instead of elected by voters. Star-Advertiser.

The state budget, the Big Island's health care woes, how to support agriculture and what's really wrong with Hawaii's schools -- those topics and more kept the two gubernatorial candidates going back and forth Monday evening. West Hawaii Today.

Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Brian Schatz says he'd like to run for the state's top job in 2018. Associated Press.

After stepping down from his state Senate seat representing Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau for an unsuccessful run for lieutenant governor, Gary Hooser has remained connected with Hawai‘i’s political arena. Garden Island.

Hawaii’s film and television industry is nearing the end of what has been a blockbuster year, but it may set yet another milestone. Hawaii Reporter.

Local farms are up in arms over proposed federal legislation, claiming it would impose strict food safety regulations that could further strain their ability to make ends meet. Molokai Dispatch.

A new 150,000-square-foot FBI building is being built in Kapolei. KITV4.

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle made it clear he will crack down on the homeless problem.Hawaii News Now.

The company seeking to reopen the Pepeekeo power plant and area landowners opposing the $70 million development are both trying to convince a hearings officer what's best for the community. Tribune-Herald.

A county subsidy allowing Big Island golfers to pay just $25 greens fees at two West Hawaii golf courses began Friday, but it could be the last year for the popular program. West Hawaii Today.

Nearly 200 students are being tested for tuberculosis. But that's only about one-ninth of the entire enrollment at McKinley High School. KITV4.

Enrollment in Big Island public schools, especially in West Hawaii, has dipped more sharply than in the state as a whole, according to data released Monday by the state Department of Education. West Hawaii Today.

Gary Towner of OfficeMax said studies done by OfficeMax indicate that teachers spend about $1,000 of their own money to do their jobs. Garden Island.

The jet fuel bill soared at Hawaiian Airlines this summer, but business was up so much that it still managed to post a $30 million third quarter profit, same as last year. Hawaii News Now.

Residents at a State housing project in Kalihi say they've been running out of hot water for years. KHON2.

Thanks to the perseverance of a retired state airport firefighter, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands will be awarding leases for three Panaewa agricultural lots that have remained fallow for nearly a quarter-century. Tribune-Herald.

A contentious, two-year-old lawsuit between North Shore landowner Joseph Brescia and Native Hawaiian activist Ka‘iulani Edens and others recently ended with a $1 settlement. Garden Island.

Maui police announced another large drug seizure Monday, the second large crystal methamphetamine collar this month. The seizure in Pukalani was made last Tuesday but not revealed until this week. Maui News.

Eroded bike path at Sunset Beach brings a tide of concern as surf season begins. Hawaii Independent.

Growing up, U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye often heard stories about what it meant to live life without a home. West Hawaii Today.

As ordinary community members become planners and leaders, the Molokai Community Plan moves forward. Molokai Dispatch.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 snarls traffic, climate change could change El Nino, campaigns turn up the heat, Obama steps into gubernatorial race, strikers imperil convention, UH gets medical grant, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Climate change could alter the El Nino cycle in the Pacific, affecting fish stocks and the distribution of nutrients in the ocean, new research suggests. Star-Advertiser.

While it's still hotly debated among scientists whether climate change causes a shift from the traditional form of El Nino to one known as El Nino Modoki, online in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists now say that El Nino Modoki affects long-term changes in currents in the North Pacific Ocean. Environmental Research Web.

The offense: a "Hawaii Five-0" filming that lasted for seven hours longer than what the state allowed, which caused an unannounced East Honolulu rush-hour traffic jam on Friday. Star-Advertiser.

President Barack Obama is lending support to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie. Associated Press.

Gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie is getting major support from a friend in the White House. Hawaii News Now.

U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye holds a 13-point lead over Republican challenger Cam Cavasso in his bid for a ninth consecutive term, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll. Star-Advertiser.

The National Republican Congressional Committee said Monday it will spent $210,000 in Hawaii to run ads until the Nov. 2 general election against Colleen Hanabusa. KITV4.

Djou: 'I Am Not a Member of the Tea Party' Civil Beat.

The two major candidates for Hawaii's 1st Congressional District have raised similar amounts of political contributions in September. Associated Press.

Two gay rights groups are supporting several, mostly Democratic candidates for state and congressional offices in Hawaii. Associated Press.

Oahu residents can begin early voting on Tuesday, the Honolulu city clerk said. KITV4.

The fate of Oahu's largest fall convention, which could potentially generate some $40 million in economic activity, hung in the balance yesterday as a five-day union worker strike at the Hilton Hawaiian Village came to a close along with related strikes in Chicago and San Francisco. Star-Advertiser.

On the picket line Monday, some workers said the walkout was worthwhile. KITV4.

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle is expressing some optimism over Oahu's proposed $5 billion rail transit. KHON2.

The Obama administration and Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI) joined around 600 Native Hawaiian advocates at the largest annual gathering of Native Hawaiian organizations – the Native Hawaiian Convention. Molokai Dispatch.

Legal papers filed recently in state court make new allegations about former Gov. John Waihee’s role in the 2004 financial failure of Hawaii’s largest group of funeral homes and cemeteries. Hawaii Reporter.

An $11 million federal grant will enable the University of Hawaii's Pacific Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Research to continue work on dengue and other infectious diseases. Associated Press.

As the Diocese of Honolulu wraps up its capital campaign to raise $30 million – which actually received $57 million in pledged funds – parishes around the state will begin to reap the benefits. Molokai Dispatch.

When looking at the City and County of Honolulu’s revamp of the island’s Sustainable Communities Plans and Development Plans—eight regional blueprints that dictate the island’s course of development over the next several years—it’s good to understand the history and background surrounding the City’s planning process. Hawaii Independent.

The first of two meetings by the U.S. Department of the Interior on its draft protocol plan for handling and disposition of burials, sacred sites and other important areas is 6:30 p.m. today at the Kapa‘a Neighborhood Center. Garden Island.

A Kauai luxury hotel and four environmental groups on Monday announced they've settled a lawsuit over the resort's alleged failure to protect endangered and threatened seabirds. Associated Press.

The State Department of Health will be testing about 200 students at McKinley High School Tuesday after a student was diagnosed with tuberculosis. KHON2.

Apollo Kaua‘i, Zero Waste and People for the Preservation of Kaua‘i, along with Pat Gegen as moderator, presented a mayoral and council candidate forum Sunday afternoon at the Kapa‘a Elementary School cafeteria. Garden Island.

The winner of the Guy Enriques-Brittany Smart race will influence the futures of both the 6th District and the entire County Council. Tribune-Herald.

Ten young women this year are vying to be crowned Miss Kona Coffee -- not just for the title, but for the educational and self-improvement opportunities that come along with participating in the pageant. West Hawaii Today.

As two sisters growing up on welfare on Kauai, Bonny Ponting and Toby Neal know how hard it is for families to put food on their tables as well as provide children with all the supplies they need for school and their well-being. Maui News.