Wednesday, January 31, 2018

False missile alert aftermath: employee fired, HI-EMA chief resigns, administration shaken; House speaker not interested in being lieutenant governor; one-way tickets for homeless; Kauai missile test, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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News of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency shakeup and release of the Federal Communications Commission’s preliminary findings into Hawaii’s Jan. 13 false missile alert left many wondering Tuesday how much faith people will have in the credibility of the next warning. Star-Advertiser.

When things go wrong in a big way, it is usually the top leadership that takes a beating, which means Gov. David Ige may now be in deep trouble in the wake of the frightening Jan. 13 ballistic missile attack false alarm, according to political observers. Star-Advertiser.

There are concerns over staffing at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency in the aftermath of the resignations of two top officials and the firing of the unnamed worker who set off the Jan. 13 bogus nuclear missile alert. Star-Advertiser.

False Missile Alert Investigation Released: Miyagi Resigns. Hawaii Public Radio.

Tick Tock Of Terror: New Details In Missile Alert Timeline. Associated Press.

HI-EMA’s Miyagi resigns, ‘button pusher’ fired in aftermath of false missile alert. Star-Advertiser.

Employee terminated, HI-EMA head resigns after false missile warning. Hawaii’s emergency management leader has resigned and a state employee who sent an alert falsely warning of an incoming ballistic missile has been fired, officials said Tuesday, after the mistake caused widespread panic earlier this month. KITV.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency worker who triggered panic by sending a false ballistic missile alert to phones across the state on Jan. 13 believed the state was actually under attack, according to a preliminary investigation released today by the Federal Communications Commission. Star-Advertiser.

Man Who Sent Out False Missile Alert Was ‘Source Of Concern’ For A Decade. Civil Beat.

Worker who sent false missile alert had problems but kept job. Associated Press.

Fired employee had previously confused drills. The fired employee had previously confused drills for real events, once for a fire and once for a tsunami. Star-Advertiser.

Emergency management employee had ‘history of confusing drill and real-world events’. KHON2.

In a stunning revelation Tuesday, state investigators said the emergency management employee who sent out the false missile alert to Hawaii phones — triggering 38 minutes of panic until a correction could be sent — believed the threat of an incoming missile was real and had a history of confusing drills with real-world events. Hawaii News Now.

State fires employee who issued false missile alert, Hawaii EMA chief resigns following state probe. Pacific Business News.

FCC Report: Day Shift Warning Officer Believed the Missile Threat Was Real. Maui Now.

Full text: FCC report on false missile alert. All Hawaii News.

Full text: State report on false missile alert. All Hawaii News.


House Speaker Scott Saiki today announced he is not interested in becoming the state’s next lieutenant governor. Star-Advertiser.

Commentary: Telling The Public A Little Less About What It Pays Its Workers. House Speaker Scott Saiki finds Civil Beat’s salary database too specific when it comes to “legislative employees.” Civil Beat.

Hotel taxes are eyed for 1-way tickets for homeless. House Bill 2012 would set aside up to $2 million a year in transient accommodations tax, or TAT, revenues to fund homeless initiatives in “tourist and resort areas.” Star-Advertiser.

Tearful testimony at the Capitol over Hawaiian language translation bill. A push to provide a Hawaiian language interpreter at court proceedings is gaining momentum at the State Capitol. Hawaii News Now.

Medical Aid In Dying: ‘The Political Risk Is Not Passing It’. With polls consistently showing public support for the concept, legislators look to give the issue another go this session. Civil Beat.

Lawmakers and prison advocates raising questions on suicides at Hawaii correctional facilities. KITV.

State disease database hacked. The state Department of Health is investigating a potential breach of private medical information of disease test results. Star-Advertiser.

The mayors of Honolulu, Kauai and Maui today pledged to help make our island state more climate resilient at a key leadership forum presented by Hawaii Energy and Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, titled “A Resilient and Renewable Hawaii: How Hawaii’s Mayors are Innovating to Create the Counties of the Future.” Maui Now.

Chick-fil-A is scouting locations for the chain’s first Hawaii restaurant, one of three restaurant chains, along with Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers and Japan’s Yoshinoya, looking to break into the isle market. Pacific Business News.


A state judge has ordered the developer of Ocean Pointe and Hoakalei Resort to pay homeowners $20 million for the company’s decision to change the main feature of the Ewa community from a marina to a lagoon. Star-Advertiser.

A state judge has ordered developer Haseko to pay homeowners $20 million, in one of the largest consumer protection awards in Hawaii. Hawaii News Now.

The city is testing its first electric bus during a six-week pilot project for Honolulu's fleet. Hawaii News Now.

The city unveiled its first fully electric bus on Tuesday that will be tested in a six-week pilot project. KITV.

The Hawaii State Department of Health has received a $339,269 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a clean energy project on Oahu. Pacific Business News.

Defense contractor BAE Systems Hawaii has received a $14.2 million modification for a previously awarded contract from the U.S. Department of Defense for repair work of the USS Port Royal, a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser. Pacific Business News.

Momilani Elementary School has put one of its teachers on leave after learning that two former Punahou students, who are now adults, have accused him of sexually abusing them between 2005 to 2006. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii Island

Council, county attorney at odds over contingency funds. Tribune-Herald.

Surf school management proposal raises concerns. West Hawaii Today.

The state should return to federal court to seek an amendment to existing orders mandating the eradication of ungulates on Mauna Kea, according to hunting enthusiast Richard Hoeflinger. Big Island Video News.

Brad Bennett, superintendent of the Hilo-Waiakea Complex Area, is under investigation by the state Department of Education and is on leave until further notice. Tribune-Herald.


Maui County Liquor Director Glenn Mukai said Tuesday that a visit by an FBI agent to its Wailuku offices Monday was a “routine audit” of the department’s fingerprinting operations. Maui News.

The nearly 500-acre Waikapu Country Town project has received unanimous approval from the state Land Use Commission for critical changes. Maui News.

The Paia relief route, Kihei collector road and Hana Highway bridges are among the major projects vying for a share of $124 million in funding over the next four years. Maui News.


The U.S. Missile Defense Agency and the Navy conducted a missile test off Kauai early Wednesday, officials said. Hawaii News Now.

Occupiers remain at Coco Palms. Garden Island.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. traveled to Washington, D.C., last week to participate in the U.S. Conference of Mayors 86th Winter Meeting. The mayor met with federal agencies and the Congressional delegation to discuss priorities for the County of Kauai. Garden Island.

DLNR considers allowing feral pig hunting on Kauai's Sleeping Giant mountain. Hawaii News Now.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Full Text: State of Hawaii report on false missile alarm

Report can also be found here.

TO:                   Major General Arthur J. Logan
Director of Emergency Management (HI-EMA)

FROM:            Brigadier General [Ret] Bruce E. Oliveira
Investigating Officer

DATE:             January 29,2018



On January 15, 2018, Major General Arthur J. Logan, the Director of HI-EMA for the State of Hawaii, assigned me to investigate this incident to determine by a preponderance of the evidence the following:

a. What was the exact chain of events that led to the issuance of a state­ wide ballistic missile alert (BMA) message, initiated during the course of the HI­ EMA State Warning Point (SWP) change of shift at approximately 0805 hours on January 13, 2018?

b. What was the established protocol that HI-EMA SWP members were to follow during the change of shift BMA Checklist simulation and who established the BMA checklist?

c. How many times had HI-EMA SWP members previously practiced the BMA checklist that led to the issuance of the false alert message, and what, if any, training records exist?

d. Did the established BMA checklist during the simulated test include a response protocol in the event a false state-wide BMA message was issued, and if so, did HI-EMA SWP members follow BMA response protocol on January 13,


At approximately 8:06 am, the SWP mistakenly issued a BMA.  As the investigating officer and carefully considering the facts, I find a preponderance of evidence exists that insufficient management controls, poor computer software design, and human factors contributed to the real-world BMA and the delayed false BMA correction message that was issued over the WEA/EAS on January


January 13, 2018


The incident occurred at the State Warning Point of the Hawaii Emergency Management  Agency located within the State Emergency Operating Center in Diamond Head.

Full report -- FCC preliminary findings on Hawaii false missile alert

FULL report: FCC preliminary findings.

Preliminary Report:

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s
January 13, 2018
False Ballistic Missile Alert

January 30, 2018

•    At 8:07 AM on January 13, 2018, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) issued a false ballistic missile alert through the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) System.    Chairman Pai immediately called on the Bureau to investigate.

•    To date, the Bureau has interviewed key stakeholders, including:
–    HI-EMA employees
–    Representatives of other emergency management agencies across the country
–    Alert origination software vendors (including the vendor who supplies HI-EMA)
–    Wireless service providers

•    The Bureau’s investigation is ongoing.


Events Leading Up to the False Alert

Time    Events

0805    •    HI-EMA’s midnight shift supervisor begins a no-notice ballistic missile defense drill at
a shift change by placing a call, pretending to be U.S. Pacific Command, to the day shift warning officers.

•    The midnight shift supervisor plays a recording over the phone that properly includes the drill language “EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE,” but also erroneously contains the text of an EAS message for a live ballistic missile alert, including the language, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” The recording does not follow the script contained in HI-EMA’s standard operating procedure for this drill.

•    The day shift warning officers receive this recorded message on speakerphone.

•    While other warning officers understand that this is a drill, the warning officer at the alert origination terminal claimed to believe, in a written statement provided to HI- EMA, that this was a real emergency, not a drill.

0807    •    This day shift warning officer responds, as trained for a real event, by transmitting a
live incoming ballistic missile alert to the State of Hawaii.

•    In doing so, the day shift warning officer selects the template for a live alert from a drop-down menu, and clicks “yes” in response to a prompt that reads, “Are you sure that you want to send this Alert?”

Events After the False Alert

Time    Events
0808    •    Day shift warning officer receives false WEA on mobile device
0809    •    HI-EMA notifies Hawaii Governor of false alert
0810    •    HI-EMA to U.S. Pacific Command and Honolulu PD: no missile launch
0812    •    HI-EMA issues a cancellation, ceasing retransmission over EAS, WEA
0813    •    HI-EMA begins outreach, but its phone lines become congested
0820    •    HI-EMA posts on Facebook, Twitter – “NO missile threat to Hawaii”
0824    •    Hawaii Governor retweets notice that there is no missile threat
0827    •    HI-EMA determines that an EAS, WEA Civil Emergency Message (CEM) is the best vehicle for correction
0830    •    FEMA confirms HI-EMA’s view on CEM; Hawaii Governor posts correction on
0831    •    HI-EMA supervisor logs into alert system, begins to create false alert correction
0845    •    HI-EMA issues correction through EAS and WEA that there is no missile threat

1.    A combination of human error and inadequate safeguards contributed to the transmission of this false alert.

2.    HI-EMA’s lack of preparation for how to respond to the transmission of a false alert was largely responsible for the 38-minute delay in correcting the alert.

3.    HI-EMA has taken steps designed to ensure that an incident such as this never happens again.

•    The Bureau will continue its investigation and issue a final report, including recommended measures to safeguard against false alerts and to mitigate their harmful effects if they do occur.

•    After the issuance of the final report, the FCC will partner with FEMA to engage in stakeholder outreach and encourage the implementation of best practices.

•    Federal, state, and local officials must work together to prevent such a false alert from happening again.

Lt. Gov. Tsutsui quits, false missile alarm investigation to be unveiled today, Ala Moana park plans unpopular, FBI probes Maui liquor commission, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

photo courtesy Lt. Gov. office
Lt. Gov. Tsutsui at Maui Economic Development Board function, Sept. 26, 2017, courtesy photo
Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui said Monday he would resign this week to join a lobbying and public affairs firm. The move comes several years after Tsutsui publicly complained the governor hadn’t given him enough responsibility, but he said his decision had nothing to do with that. Associated Press.

Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui will resign on Wednesday, setting off a possible shuffle to take his place in one of the top political jobs in the state. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii’s lieutenant governor, Shan Tsutsui, is leaving office effective Wednesday. Civil Beat.

Hawaii Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui Monday said he will resign from his position on Wednesday to return to a private-sector job on Maui. Pacific Business News.

Shan Tsutsui To Resign As Lieutenant Governor. Big Island Video News.

Tsutsui to resign as Lt. Gov. KITV.

Shan Tsutsui to Resign as Lieutenant Governor. Maui Now.

Tsutsui announces resignation. With resignation, Tsutsui is headed home to Maui. Maui News.

The job of second in command of the state government had no immediate takers Monday. Star-Advertiser.

Senate President Ronald D. Kouchi today said he has mixed emotions about the departure of Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui from office and says he is not interested in becoming the next LG for Hawaii. Maui Now.


The results of the state’s internal investigation of the Jan. 13 false report of an imminent missile attack are scheduled to be released Tuesday morning by Gov. David Ige, state Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Joe Logan and retired Brig. Gen. Bruce Oliveira. Star-Advertiser.

The state says it will release the results Tuesday of a internal investigation into this month's false ballistic missile alarm. Hawaii News Now.

State emergency officials have completed an internal investigation after a false missile alert was sent to cell phones across the state. KHON2.

Senators To Stores: Don’t Kick People Out In Emergencies. Sen. Michelle Kidani’s measure comes two weeks after the false missile alert, when some people reported being told to leave businesses. Civil Beat.

How To Survive A Nuclear Attack On Hawaii. When the state accidentally sent out a false alarm, many people didn’t know how to respond. Civil Beat.


U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa has attracted more than $700,000 in campaign donations so far in her bid to become Hawaii’s next governor. Star-Advertiser.

Can Anyone Resuscitate The Hawaii GOP? State Chairwoman Shirlene Ostrov says Republicans have the tools and money to start winning elections in the islands. Civil Beat.

As many as 80 permanent homeless "villages" would be sprinkled across the state under a proposal getting support at the state Legislature. Hawaii News Now.

A bill to integrate the Hawaiian language into fundamental functions of the state is scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Committees on Hawaiian Affairs, Higher Education and Judiciary on Tuesday. Maui Now.

Here’s How The State Could End Up Owning Your Oceanfront Property. When sea level rises, a new legal opinion says, public land follows the shoreline and the state can charge property owners to access their own places. Civil Beat.

Pesticides’ potential impacts on human health require further study, and those furthering that goal are still promoting bills — this time through the 2018 legislative session. Garden Island.

New technology for detecting invasive species on cargo shipments and detector dog teams for agricultural inspections are just two steps out of dozens the state is making toward reinforcing biosecurity in Hawaii. Garden Island.

Responsible use of Hawaii’s marine life and responsible pet trade nationwide were both promoted last week as the Hawaii Senate Water and Land Committee heard a bill outlining tougher restrictions on aquarium fishing in the state. Garden Island.

After several years of planning, the state has awarded a $140 million building contract for a new 144-bed psychiatric facility at the troubled Hawaii State Hospital in Kaneohe. Star-Advertiser.

Hensel Phelps wins $140M contract to build Hawaii state psychiatric hospital. Pacific Business News.

Hawaiian Airlines’ profit reaches new height. The parent company of Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Holdings Inc., reported Monday earning $364 million, or $6.82 a share, in 2017. Star-Advertiser.

The 401(k) accounts that former Island Air employees have been unable to access contain more than $8 million, according to a person close to the situation who requested his name not be used. Star-Advertiser.


A proposal to eliminate parking on the makai side of the road through Ala Moana Regional Park and create a wide beachside “promenade” ran into plenty of opposition at a city meeting Monday night. Star-Advertiser.

Things quickly got heated inside the McCoy Pavilion at Ala Moana Beach Park Monday night as the city held its final public meeting on the park's future. Hawaii News Now.

The crowd booed inside McCoy Pavilion Auditorium Monday night as the city presented its vision for the beach promenade at Ala Moana Regional Park. KITV.

Meeting to discuss future of Ala Moana beach park turns into shouting match. KHON2.


People who live on Tantalus Drive are demanding change. KITV.

Work is underway to improve Pali Highway, resulting in barriers, lane closures and, by the middle of next month, complete overnight closures for three long-anticipated projects that are expected to last two years. Star-Advertiser.

Concerns raised after three firefighters’ children diagnosed with cancer. KHON2.

Hawaii Island

Governor pushes ahead on re-election bid. West Hawaii Today.

Volunteers scour East Hawaii before dawn to help with Homeless Point in Time Count. Tribune-Herald.

A new county Human Resources Department director could be selected by Feb. 21, almost five months after the sudden resignation of former HR Director Sharon Toriano in the wake of a critical audit. West Hawaii Today.

Interview with Man Who Faces 77 Years in Prison for Medical Marijuana Collective. Big Island Now.

Hawaii microalgae producer Cyanotech Corp. has its third CEO in three years. Star-Advertiser.


FBI agent seen examining liquor control documents. Spokesman for the bureau would not confirm or deny any federal investigation. Maui News.

Another bond issue planned to help finance West Maui hospital construction. Maui News.

Murder Trial Begins for Woman Accused of Driving Twin Off East Maui Cliff. Maui Now.

Murder trial begins for twin in cliff crash. Witness testifies he saw ‘hair-pulling and punching’ before SUV took fatal jerk to left. Maui News.


The Kauai Board of Water Supply announces the appointment of Steven Kyono to the position of acting manager and chief engineer for the Department of Water, effective Feb. 12. Garden Island.

Life’s Choices Kauai is seeking people to join a substance abuse prevention coalition aimed at reducing and preventing youth substance abuse. Garden Island.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Safe zones for homeless top Legislature's agenda, candidate filing begins Thursday, occupiers refuse to leave Coco Palms, full-face snorkel masks investigated in Maui drownings, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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Demonstration homeless igloo ©2018 All Hawaii News
‘Safe Zones’ For Homeless A Hot Topic At Legislature. Meanwhile, advocates for the homeless want more money for programs that place people in permanent housing. Civil Beat.

US, South Korean Defense Chiefs Meet on Oahu. US Defense Secretary James Mattis says diplomacy must take the lead in the effort to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula. Hawaii Public Radio.

Missile scare caught hotels flat-footed. Star-Advertiser.

The starting gun for Hawaii’s official election year for federal, state and county offices goes off Feb. 1, the first day candidates can check out nomination papers. The last day for candidates to file is 4:30 p.m. June 5. Maui News.

For the second year, a bill is before the Hawaii state Legislature to create an independent airport authority. Hawaii Public Radio.

PUC probing tax impact on Hawaii utilities. The state Public Utilities Commission said Friday it has opened a new proceeding to investigate the impact on regulated utilities in Hawaii of the recently signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii’s Judiciary says those who want to speak Hawaiian in court will be able to use an interpreter. Associated Press.

The state’s only Hyperbaric Treatment Center able to treat divers suffering from decompression sickness is up and running again after several months offline, according to a release from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. West Hawaii Today.

Racial harassment alleged in workplace lawsuits at Hawaiian Airlines, Queen’s. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaiian Airlines has selected Lee Anne Wong, chef and owner of Honolulu’s Koko Head Cafe, to lead its in-flight dining program as the carrier’s new executive chef starting June 1. Star-Advertiser.

Iced coffee with partial Hawaiian name offends cultural groups. The name is King Kameha Iced Coffee. KITV.


Plans proceed for offshore wind farms. Five years after offshore wind energy burst onto the scene as an intriguing new candidate in Oahu’s future power generation mix, the idea continues to quietly gain momentum. Star-Advertiser.

Botched Illegal Gambling Case Prompts Lawsuit Against Prosecutors. Tracy Yoshimura says that Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro charged him with crimes after he challenged him publicly in the press. Civil Beat.

Tour operators who want to make “recreational stops” at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park will soon be able to do so, but only if they get monthly permits from the city, under a Honolulu City Council bill up for a final vote Wednesday. Star-Advertiser.

A container of what appears to be a type of oil that first washed up on the beach at Kailua Bay during New Year’s Day weekend — along with tons of other marine debris — was taken away and disposed of by city workers Friday morning, three weeks after it came ashore. Star-Advertiser.

Workers strike at Waikiki Sheraton hotels over concierge plan. Star-Advertiser.

Nearly 2,300 Hawaii hotel employees didn't go to work Friday as part of a strike between UNITE HERE Local 5 members and Kyo-ya Hotels and Resorts' four Waikiki hotels. Pacific Business News.

The botany program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa just completed a helpful expansion. Construction is finished on a new classroom which will be used to study Hawaii's rarest plants. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii Island

A bill introduced Wednesday would replace University of Hawaii at Hilo’s Office of Maunakea Management with a new entity, managed by a governor-appointed board. It also would limit the number of telescopes to nine by 2028. Tribune-Herald.

Astronomers are calling it “the most important delivery of the decade” at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. On January 26, during a small window between the snow flurries atop Mauna Kea, the observatory’s newest and most advanced instrument arrived. Big Island Video News.

Public offers mixed reviews of service as the cost of government grows. Since 2000, Hawaii County’s population has risen by 33.5 percent. The number of county employees has increased by 27.6 percent. But during that time, the county budget, adjusted for inflation, has doubled. West Hawaii Today.

While 2017 proved to be a dry year for Kona residents, it also tapped deeply into water department maintenance funds. West Hawaii Today.

The Hilo Drag Strip is slated to open the weekend of March 10-11 after being closed more than two years for renovations. Tribune-Herald.


Safety questions surface for full-faced snorkel masks. Two recent ocean deaths linked to new mask design: Are full-faced snorkel sets safe? Maui News.

Bypass work to get an adjustment at busy Keawe Street intersection. Ige directs DOT to get community input for ‘best way to move forward’. Maui News.

Chief who brought lifeguards to Fire Department retires. Maui News.


Hundreds Turn Out To Back Hawaiian Occupiers Of Famed Coco Palms Site. The 19th century home of Kauai’s last queen was later the resort where “Blue Hawaii” was filmed. Now a new resort is planned. Civil Beat.

Despite 6 p.m. deadline to move out, Coco Palms occupiers still there. The deadline has passed for activists staking their claim to the land at the Coco Palms resort on Kauai, but they're not budging. Hawaii News Now.

Friday, January 26, 2018

HI-EMA employee not cooperating in false missile alarm probe, Judge rescinds arrest warrant for Hawaiian-speaking defendant, bill would change Mauna Kea management, record hotel revenue, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

PC: Danny De Gracia III
Waikiki beach PC: Danny De Gracia III
State hotels set revenue, daily-rate records in 2017. The impetus behind the record-breaking performance was an increase in visitor arrivals and spending. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii hotel revenue per available room increased 5.4 percent in 2017 compared to the year prior, setting a new state record, according to a report by the Hawaii Tourism Authority. Pacific Business News.

‘Button pusher’ not cooperating with multiple investigations. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency “button pusher” who sent a bogus missile alert that triggered panic across the islands Jan. 13 is not cooperating with either a Federal Communications Commission investigation or two internal investigations and has not returned to work. Star-Advertiser.

The Hawaii state employee who mistakenly sent an alert warning of a ballistic missile attack has refused to cooperate with federal and state investigators, officials said Thursday. Associated Press.

Official: Missile alert employee not cooperating in probe. KITV.

Investigators say HI-EMA worker who sent false alarm refuses to cooperate. KHON2.

Surveillance footage during false missile alert won’t be released, because it doesn’t exist. KHON2.

This Is What Hawaii’s Missile Defense System Looks Like. The basic principle involves shooting a missile with a missile. But some want more assurance that the missiles don’t miss. Civil Beat.

Amid ongoing spats between China and the United States in the South China Sea, Beijing confirmed Thursday it will participate in this summer’s big Rim of the Pacific exercise off Hawaii from June 27 to Aug. 2. Star-Advertiser.

Governor's Proposal to Transfer Sheriff Deputies Opposed by HGEA. The State Airports Division wants to have more control over the State Sheriffs assigned to work there. Hawaii Public Radio.

One Year Under Trump: Hawaii Republicans. Hawaii Public Radio.

A package of bills from the Hawaii Women’s Legislative Caucus includes a measure to require health insurers and health maintenance groups to provide comprehensive coverage for reproductive services such as abortions. Civil Beat.

Lawmakers are trying again to close a loophole in Hawaii’s “100 percent renewable energy by 2045” policy that allows the state to meet that goal even if half of the electricity being consumed comes from oil-burning power plants. Civil Beat.

Bill aims for tighter restrictions on aquarium fishing. Garden Island.

In what is believed to be the first case of its kind, the state Department of Health has fined the former operator of an unlicensed care home $325,000. Star-Advertiser.

A new state website will give parents a chance to see temperatures in classrooms at 62 public schools. Hawaii News Now.

Southwest to launch Hawaii flights as early as December. Hawaii News Now.


A 41-story residential tower at Keeaumoku and Makaloa streets, which had been criticized for its so-called “poor door,” was given a thumbs-up Thursday by the City Council Zoning and Housing Committee. Star-Advertiser.

Group starts petition to keep makai parking at Ala Moana Regional Park.  proposal that would eliminate parking on the makai side of the drive through the Ala Moana Regional Park is drawing opposition from a group of park users, who've started gathering signatures on a petition, both in person and online. Hawaii News Now.

Time’s up, strip of businesses on Kuhio Avenue told. About 10 businesses in a complex of several small buildings mainly fronting Kuhio Avenue are asked to vacate. Star-Advertiser.

Upcoming Pali Highway repairs will result in lane shifts and overnight closures. The $64 million project will repair or replace street lighting from Vineyard Boulevard to Kamehameha Highway and the first phase of resurfacing from Waokanaka Street to Castle Junction. Star-Advertiser.

Behind The Scenes of Hawaii's 2018 Homeless Count. It’s five o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon in Chinatown. Dozens of volunteers are on a mission to survey as many homeless people as they can. Hawaii Public Radio.

Hawaii Island

A coalition of state senators has introduced a bill to dramatically change the management of Mauna Kea, the dormant Hawaii Island volcano that is a sacred place to some Native Hawaiians and one of the world’s premier sites for astronomy. Civil Beat.

Lawmakers will have several options to consider during the current session of the state Legislature for revitalizing Hilo’s Banyan Drive. Tribune-Herald.

Anaehoomalu Resort Proposal Withdrawn By Developers. Big Island Video News.

Former County Clerk Jamae Kawauchi on Thursday got her law license back. West Hawaii Today.

A bill making its way through the state Legislature seeks to increase ambulance services in Hawaii County. Tribune-Herald.

Hawaii solar installers and washing machine retailers might see a less successful year than anticipated after President Donald Trump approved tariffs on all imported solar cells and washing machines. Tribune-Herald.

Highway hawking: West Hawaii vendors push limits with roadside retail. West Hawaii Today.


A judge has rescinded a bench warrant for a University of Hawaii professor who spoke Hawaiian in court, in an incident that sparked outrage among Native Hawaiian activists. Hawaii News Now.

A bench warrant for a Haleakala telescope protester was recalled Thursday, a day after being issued when he spoke only in the Hawaiian language at a court hearing Wednesday. Maui News.

Arrest warrant recalled for man who refused to address Maui judge in English. KITV.

Warrant Recalled for Hawaiian Man Who Refused to Speak English in Court. Maui Now.

Six people have drowned in the past two weeks on Maui, prompting ocean safety advocates to ramp up efforts to warn visitors about the dangers of snorkeling and to study new types of masks that have become increasingly popular. Civil Beat.

An environmental court judge is reversing a decision that denied a Native Hawaiian fisherman’s petition to stop Hawaii officials from issuing commercial fishing licenses to those who aren’t legally admitted into the United States. Associated Press.

Judge sends fishing license petition back to land board. An environmental court judge is reversing a decision that denied a Native Hawaiian fisherman's petition to stop Hawaii officials from issuing commercial fishing licenses to those who aren't legally admitted into the United States. Associated Press.

Maui EKO Systems, which has processed the island’s green waste and county sewage sludge into compost for nearly 23 years, could be put out of business as early as the end of next year because of a proposed renewable energy project at the Wailuku-Kahului Wastewater Reclamation Facility. Maui News.

County hotels outperform state in 2 of 3 key metrics. Maui News.

HDOT Update on Honoapiilani Realignment & Improvements at Keawe St. Maui Now.


Hawaiian language spoken during Coco Palms trial. Garden Island.

Work on 17 homes for the Kauai Habitat for Humanity Eleele Iluna, Phase 2A started Wednesday with the arrival of Team Currie-Kauai 2018 Global Village group. Garden Island.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gabbard endorses Hanabusa for governor, legislator loses chairmanship in failed House coup attempt, arrest warrant issued for Native Hawaiian who refused to speak English in court, U.S. and South Korean defense ministers come to Hawaii to negotiate, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Democratic U.S. Reps. Colleen Hanabusa and Tulsi Gabbard PC: Gabbard campaign
U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard endorsed her Democratic colleague U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa for governor Wednesday, saying Hana­busa has a “proven record of leadership. Star-Advertiser.

Gabbard Shakes Up Governor’s Race By Endorsing Hanabusa. The congresswoman takes the unusual step of backing her D.C. colleague in the Democratic primary. Civil Beat.

Congresswoman Gabbard backs Hanabusa for Hawaii governor. Associated Press.

Citing her “proven record of leadership”, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard today endorsed fellow Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa for Hawaii governor. Big Island Video News.


Longtime state Rep. Ken Ito was removed as chairman of the House committee that deals with veterans and military affairs on Wednesday in fallout from an aborted attempt to reorganize the power structure of the state House. Star-Advertiser.

Rep. Ken Ito was removed as chair of a House committee on Wednesday and he says it was his signature on a petition supporting Rep. James Tokioka as Speaker of the House of Representatives that cost him the title. Garden Island.

State lawmakers introduce bills dealing with helmets, passengers in pickup truck beds. Tribune-Herald.

Sex-trafficking advocates will be at the state Capitol for the "hotline poster" bill. KITV.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis will meet Friday in Hawaii with his South Korean counterpart, Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo, to discuss issues on the Korean Peninsula. Star-Advertiser.

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz plans to introduce legislation giving the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security the responsibility to notify the public of an incoming missile attack instead of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, which sent a false alert that panicked island residents and visitors for 38 minutes on Jan. 13. Star-Advertiser.

How does Hawaii’s Emergency Management System work? That was the focus at the Legislature today. Hawaii Public Radio.

This Is What Hawaii’s Missile Defense System Looks Like. The basic principle involves shooting a missile with a missile. But some want more assurance that the missiles don’t miss. Civil Beat.

State kicks off annual recruitment blitz for Hawaii teachers. Every year, Hawaii needs to hire from 700 to 1,200 public school teachers to fill vacancies — left by departures and retirements. Hawaii News Now.

DOE Official Fined For Using State Resources On Her Doctoral Work. The Department of Education has now opened its own investigation of Suzanne Mulcahy. Civil Beat.

The Study Hawaii Consortium is working to grow Hawaii’s international education market into a billion dollar industry. Hawaii Public Radio.

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement actions this year in Hawaii resulted in closures of 19 large capacity cesspools and over $500,000 in fines. Maui Now.

New study declares Hawaii the worst state to drive in. KHON2.


Plan to burn recyclables at HPower placed on hold. The Honolulu City Council’s Public Works Committee voted to defer the resolution which would allow the city to divert recyclable materials it picks up at residences to the HPower plant in Kapolei where it would be burned to generate electricity. Hawaii News Now.

Owners of older high-rise residential buildings would be able to opt out of installing sprinklers under a draft fire safety bill approved by a Honolulu City Council committee Tuesday. Star-Advertiser.

HART board defers decision to give HECO $20M to purchase special trucks. The board in charge of the city’s $8 billion-plus rail project decided Wednesday night to hold off approving $20.3 million in change orders for Hawaiian Electric Co. to purchase 15 specialized vehicles to deal with ongoing utility-line clearance issues. Star-Advertiser.

HART board approves order that could save millions, then takes it back. Hawaii News Now.

Dozens filled the cafeteria as Pearl Ridge Elementary School for Wednesday night's community meeting to learn about changes in the Aiea-Pearl City Neighborhood Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Plan Station area. KITV.

Pearl Harbor soon will have two warships named USS Missouri. The Navy said the attack submarine USS Missouri will arrive Friday to become the sixth highly capable and much-coveted Virginia-class submarine based in Hawaii — the only location for Virginia subs in the Pacific. Star-Advertiser.

NRG Energy breaks ground on 3 grid-scale solar projects in Hawaii. NRG Energy Inc. on Wednesday broke ground on what it calls the largest block of grid-scale solar power ever installed in Hawaii. Pacific Business News.

One year from now, the sun over Oahu should be generating enough new electricity to power 32,000 homes from three solar farms being resurrected by a subsidiary of Houston- based NRG Energy at a cost of over $300 million. Star-Advertiser.

Kakaako tower developer to seek state assistance. A developer aiming to build a condominium tower in Kakaako plans to seek state financing assistance in return for making half the project affordable to residents with moderate incomes. Star-Advertiser.

$64 million project to improve Pali Highway. KITV.

An employee email security breach at the University of Hawaii at Manoa last fall potentially exposed the names, Social Security numbers and other sensitive information belonging to about 2,400 faculty, staff and graduate student applicants, according to a report to the state Legislature. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii Island

Ag chief still willing to support state Health Department oversight efforts of Ookala dairy. Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s director is no longer offering to help pay for expanding environmental quality tests near a dairy farm accused of polluting gulches in Ookala. Tribune-Herald.

Subcontractor sues Naniloa’s general contractor, developer. A subcontractor who worked on the Grand Naniloa Hotel construction project is suing the hotel, its developer and the project’s general contractor, claiming nonpayment of $754,000 for work it performed during the Banyan Drive property’s makeover. Tribune-Herald.


Maui judge issues arrest warrant over refusal to speak English. A Maui District Court Judge on Wednesday issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Kaleikoa Kaeo, a University of Hawaii Maui College assistant professor of Hawaiian studies, after he refused in court to acknowledge himself in the English language. Star-Advertiser.

Maui Telescope Protestor Battles Over Hawaiian Language Use in Court. Hawaii Public Radio.

A University of Hawaii professor on Maui says a warrant was issued for his arrest because he spoke Hawaiian to a judge in a Wailuku courtroom. Hawaii News Now.

Arrest warrant issued for man who refused to address Maui judge in English. KITV.

Judge issues warrant after man responds in Hawaiian instead of English. KHON2.

Use of Hawaiian in court leads to warrant. Haleakala telescope protester, refuses to identify himself in English. Maui News.

Warrant Issued for Man Who Spoke Only Fluent Hawaiian in Maui Court. Maui Now.


After a heated debate at Wednesday’s county council meeting, a resolution inviting the City of Davao, Philippines into a sister city relationship with the County of Kauai was approved. Garden Island.

New workshop series helps ag businesses succeed. Garden Island.