Monday, February 1, 2010

Monk seals in peril, NOAA grant to aid marine research, PUC in dispute, honked horn sets off deadly McDonald's drive-through crash, more news

The 2009 Hawaiian monk seal breeding season produced the fewest pups in at least 10 years as the highly endangered marine mammal species continued its slide toward possible extinction.

A $1 million-a-year grant has been awarded to the University of Hawaii Kewalo Marine Laboratory for five years by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to work with Pacific islanders on land-sea interactions and damage to coral reefs, recreational and fishery resources.

High-ranking military officials opened a gate separating Hickam Air Force Base and Naval Station Pearl Harbor yesterday, starting the process of combining management support at their installations.

A dispute within the three-member Hawai'i Public Utilities Commission threatens to compound problems at the agency, which is already slow at making decisions because of staff and budget cuts.

A honked horn appears to be what set people off in a McDonald's drive-thru, leading to a crash that killed a young woman Sunday.

Water tanks are running dry, lawns are turning brown and the scant rain that has fallen this month is doing little to help.

A mobile medical van could be serving South Kona and Ka'u residents within months, following 10 years of effort by state Rep. Bob Herkes.

With a high cost of living and a tiny economy of limited job prospects, survival on Lanai has never been easy.

Dog owners have only one option when it comes to a place where they can throw Frisbees with their best friends.

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