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Monday, February 13, 2023

Improvements mulled for Iolani Palace, 2k Oahu property owners dispute tax assessments, commission releases names of Supreme Court applicants, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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Not-so-regal parking eyed for removal at Iolani Palace.  Hawaii lawmakers are being asked to pass legislation that would have the palace grounds returned to more of its original, regal stature by getting rid of the surrounding blacktop lined with more than 100 parking stalls and replacing it with a pedestrian promenade. Star-Advertiser.

Is Hawaii Ready For The Governor’s Tax Cut Plan? Lawmakers Aren’t So Sure. The proposed legislation would offer relief for Hawaii workers but also would reduce state tax collections at an uncertain time. Civil Beat.

State Senate sea level rise bill falters over concerns of development. A recent Senate bill on sea level rise management sparked controversy over whether or not its "balanced" approach was code for more shoreline hardening. Hawaii Public Radio.

Many Hawaii schoolkids going without routine vaccinations. The percentage of Hawaii children not vaccinated for illnesses such as mumps and measles, or not receiving the full roster of shots required for school, has jumped since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data released by the state Department of Health, augmenting concerns that there will be new outbreaks of long-controlled diseases. Star-Advertiser.

Key state senators call for University of Hawaii President Lassner to resign. After almost a decade with University of Hawaii President David Lassner at the helm of the state’s 10-campus public university system — a time marked by frequent frustration and a power struggle between UH and some state senators — at least three key senators say they think it’s time for him to step down. Star-Advertiser. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii lawmakers weigh bills creating gun-free zones.
Officials here are scrambling to advance bills to prohibit or restrict the ability for citizens with concealed-­carry permits to bring a firearm to “sensitive places” — namely, schools, playgrounds, day care centers, government buildings and on public transportation — while complying with a person’s federal civil rights. Star-Advertiser.

Bills would allow restraining orders for out-of-state victims. Two bills would allow nonresidents o apply for temporary restraining orders in Hawaii cases of sexual assault or domestic abuse to offer them a legal layer of protection while in the islands. Star-Advertiser.

Judicial Commission Releases List Of Supreme Court Contenders. The Judicial Selection Commission released its list of applicants being considered for two slots on the high court and requested public comment in response. Civil Beat.

Hawaii’s lodging industry workers missing out, expert says. Spending is up only if you own a hotel, not if you work there. Star-Advertiser.


2,000 appeals received disputing current Honolulu property tax assessments. The figure, finalized after the mid-January deadline, marks an 18% increase from the year before, according to city spokesperson Ian Scheuring.  Star-Advertiser.

Honolulu’s New Airport Rental Center Has Lots Of Electric Cars But Only One Charging Station. Activists say that's a big blunder. And lawmakers are moving to require all new state buildings be designed with EV charging stations. Civil Beat.

City plans big steps to fix aging, broken sidewalks in Chinatown and downtown. The repair work is expected to last until August. Hawaii News Now. KHON2.

Following complaints, city shuts down gun range operating illegally. 
The city has shut down an unpermitted gun range on Oahu’s west side, following a flurry of complaints from nearby residents. Hawaii News Now. KITV4.

Poachers in Waikele are killing hundreds of parakeets
. Residents at Fairway Village in Waikele said poachers without permits are coming in their neighborhood between midnight and 2 AM and killing hundreds of parakeets roosting in trees. KITV4.

Legendary Hawaii surf photographer captures his own epic final moments.  Just weeks after filming water shots at the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Larry Haynes unexpectedly passed away after a surfing session on Thursday, Feb. 9. KHON2.

Hawaii Island

Battling nature to keep climate project alive at Mauna Loa.  The air collected at Mauna Kea is feeding the world’s longest-running rec­ord of direct readings of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. The measurements constitute the most complete body of firsthand evidence for how Earth’s chemistry has changed since the mid-20th century, contorting the global climate. New York Times.

Big Island sees big jump in solar permits.  According to Hawaii County data, 1,536 permits for rooftop photovoltaic systems were issued in 2022, more than double the amount issued in 2021.  Tribune-Herald.

Todd takes another crack at ag lease extensions. Hilo Rep. Chris Todd, a Democrat, last year introduced a measure that would have allowed farmers leasing land in the Panaewa and Pahoa agricultural parks to extend their leases by up to 30 years. Tribune-Herald.

‘Absolutely devastating’: Avocado growers give grim outlook for recent crop.  A pest known as the avocado lace bug has taken hold and this winter’s crop has been decimated, growers say. West Hawaii Today.


Sen. McKelvey calls for audit of DOE for roundabout construction and delayed opening of Kūlanihākoʻi High School. The state Department of Education failed to meet requirements set forth by the Land Use Commission to construct a grade-separated crossing for the school. Maui Now.

Maui Health names interim CEO.  Maui Health has announced the selection of Kerry Watson as its interim CEO as a national search is underway to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Michael Rembis this spring. Maui Now. Maui News.

Lanai’s Only Farmers Market Vanished During The Pandemic And Now Locals Want It Back. Producers have turned to supplying direct to hotels catering to tourists, shifting the emphasis away from local preferences. Civil Beat.


Mayor signs bill ensuring preservation, public access to Kaua‘i fishpond. Kaua‘i Mayor Derek Kawakami on Wednesday signed Bill. No 2890, ensuring the preservation and public access to Halulu Fishpond on the North Shore. Kauai Now.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hawaii tourism looks bright, few judicial applicants, teachers angry over union negotiations, Medicare premiums to rise, solar for every school, Kauai mayor can discipline police chief, more tsunami response analysis, news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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Hawaii pool party (c) 2012 All Hawaii News
The Hawaii Tourism Authority reported Tuesday that September visitor arrivals grew 6.1 percent to 595,019 and spending rose 15.6 percent to $1.1 billion, which was $146.5 million more than in September of 2011. Star-Advertiser.

Total spending by visitors to Hawaii rose 16 percent in September to $1.1 billion, and was nearly 20 percent higher for the first nine months of the year compared to the same period in 2011, the Hawaii Tourism Authority said Tuesday. Pacific Business News.

Aspects of Hawaii’s economy — outside of tourism — are beginning to show signs of a recovery, according to First Hawaiian Bank economist Leroy Laney. Pacific Business News.

A month of head-to-head debates, outside spending and full-bore campaigning did not move the needle, and Mazie Hirono is still comfortably ahead of Linda Lingle in the race for Hawaii's open U.S. Senate seat. Civil Beat.

U.S. Senate Candidate Lingle Profiled. Hawaii Public Radio.

Negotiations between the State and the Hawaii teachers union has stalled again and some teachers are talking strike. Hawaii News Now.

In what could become the largest solar power project of its kind in the nation, the Department of Education is proposing to install photovoltaic panels on every public school in Hawaii over the next five years in a bid to cut electricity costs and move the state closer to its renewable energy goals. Star-Advertiser.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Miscalculated Wave Impact on Hawaii Shores. Hawaii Reporter.

Buoys may need relocating after Saturday's tsunami. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii Senior Geophysicists: There May Be More Cost Effective, Efficient Ways to Track Tsunamis. Hawaii Reporter.

The number of applicants for higher-level state judgeships has been decreasing over the years, according to data released Tuesday by state Judicial Selection Commission members who want to see more applications for future vacancies. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii’s two largest health insurers will increase premiums for seniors with Medicare insurance coverage on Jan. 1. Star-Advertiser.


Two major surveys conducted earlier this month have both candidates for Honolulu mayor as frontrunners: the pro-rail Caldwell, and the anti-rail Cayetano. KITV4.

The tab for the advertising campaign by the Pacific Resource Partnership Political Action Committee this election season has topped $2.8 million, with nearly all of it going to the pro-rail group's effort to defeat mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano. Star-Advertiser.

Ben Cayetano wants Honolulu’s local TV stations to stop airing certain ads by the Pacific Resource Partnership, otherwise he might include them as defendants in a defamation lawsuit he lodged last week. Civil Beat.

By the time next week’s election is over and all the bills are paid, the Hawaii Carpenters Union and its affiliates will have spent nearly $4 million in an unprecedented effort to elect their chosen candidate for Honolulu mayor, Kirk Caldwell and, perhaps more importantly, blasting his opponent, former Gov. Ben Cayetano. Civil Beat.

It wasn’t 10 to 1, but when it comes to campaign money Ben Cayetano is definitely the last dog around the bend in the sprint for the Honolulu Mayor’s Office. Civil Beat.

Thielen challenges Hemmings’ return to Senate. Star-Advertiser.

Cockroaches have invaded an Ewa neighborhood by the thousands. KHON2.


Mayor Billy Kenoi pumped almost $90,000 into his re-election machine between the primary election and Oct. 22, as challenger and former Mayor Harry Kim sprinkled his grass-roots campaign with a tenth of that, according to reports filed Monday with the state Campaign Spending Commission. West Hawaii Today.

Hawaii County is calling a cattle grazing program at the Kapulena Agricultural Park a success, but when the land will host its first farmers remains unclear. Tribune-Herald.

Big Islanders using the county Civil Defense’s mass emergency notification system on Saturday received no notice of a tsunami warning until after 8:45 p.m. – nearly two hours after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center told residents to anticipate a tsunami. West Hawaii Today.


Maui County Council Member Mike Victorino has spent close to $100,000 on his bid for re-election with a week to go before the general election. Maui News.

After a first term highlighted by passage of short-term vacation rental regulations and work toward a Maui Island Plan for future growth, Don Couch says he hopes to be re-elected to the Maui County Council's South Maui residency seat so he can continue the work. Maui News.

Planned organized Halloween activities that involve closing down Front Street in Lahaina on Wednesday will go on as scheduled with the state Intermediate Court of Appeals' denial Monday of a motion by a Kula man to cancel the festivities. Maui News.

Kula resident Richard Dancil today said he planned to file a motion for reconsideration this morning seeking a stay of the event. Maui Now.

A Kauai circuit judge Tuesday ruled the mayor of Kauai has powers to suspend or discipline the police chief. Star-Advertiser.

The 5th Circuit Court on Tuesday ruled that the mayor has the power to suspend or discipline the chief of police. Garden Island.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sea turtles in jeopardy, Case and Hirono debate Social Security, Cayetano slipping in poll, Maui judge appointed, disappointed, military drops Upolu airport for training, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

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Green sea turtle grazing (c) 2012 All Hawaii News
Officials are reminding the public that green sea turtles remain protected in Hawaii, despite a petition by Native Hawaiian groups to remove them from the endangered species list. A decision is expected soon on the petition, which could launch a yearlong study of the proposal to change the status of the turtles or could simply be denied. Star-Advertiser

A government agency tasked with regulating commercial fishing in Hawaiian waters wants to let longliners ensnare twice as many endangered sea turtles. Civil Beat.

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono and former U.S. Rep. Ed Case vowed Tuesday to preserve Social Security and Medicare for future generations, but Case said he would consider raising the retirement age under Social Security for younger workers to help keep the program solvent, while Hirono ruled out that option. Star-Advertiser.

Ed Case and Mazie Hirono are both vowing to protect Social Security and Medicare if elected to the U.S. Senate. Civil Beat.

U.S. Senate candidates Mazie Hirono and Ed Case faced off on Maui on Tuesday. The AARP Hawaii debate focused on issues concerning Hawaii's seniors. Hawaii News Now.

Maui Now video of the entire debate.

HAWAII PUBLIC RADIO HOSTS HIRONO/CASE LIVE BROADCAST DEBATE ON JUNE 13TH; Political Reporter Wayne Yoshioka Will Moderate Hour-Long Session from 7 to 8 p.m. Hawaii Public Radio.

State Democrats will not file a legal challenge to block Laura Thielen from running for state Senate as a Demo­crat, but might attempt to expel her from the party for not following internal rules. Star-Advertiser.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said Tuesday that his appointment of attorney Peter T. Cahill to be a judge in the 2nd Circuit Court for Maui County was made two days late. Pacific Business News.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie on Tuesday made an appointment to fill a Maui Circuit Court judge vacancy — two days too late. Star-Advertiser.

Governor Neil Abercrombie waited too long to appoint Maui lawyer Peter Cahill to the Circuit Court bench. Hawaii Reporter.

The appointment of attorney Peter T. Cahill as judge to the 2nd Circuit Court on Tuesday has been derailed because Gov. Neil Abercrombie made the appointment two days late. Maui News.


With election day approaching, Ben Cayetano's massive early lead in the 2012 Honolulu mayoral race is shrinking. Civil Beat.

Rising fuel oil prices pushed residential electricity bills higher on Oahu in June, Hawaiian Electric Co. reported Tuesday. Star-Advertiser.

Honolulu Prosecutor: Federal Agent Started Fight That Led to Shooting. Civil Beat.

Oahu's largest brush fire this year swept through Wai­anae and Lua­lua­lei valleys charring almost 1,200 acres, but leaving 100 acres near the Wai­anae Kai Forest Reserve mostly untouched — except for a nearly 3-decade-old, 30-foot Hawaiian grass hale. Star-Advertiser.

The extremely popular Kapiolani Community College Farmers' Market is expanding. KHON2.


North Kohala’s Upolu Airport is no longer being considered for use as a tactical training area, U.S. Marine Corps officials said. West Hawaii Today.

Underwater sonar use and detonations, and their potential harm to marine mammals top the list of concerns Hawaii and California residents have about a Navy training plan for the Pacific Ocean between the two states. West Hawaii Today.

Eight alala — the world’s most endangered crow — have hatched so far this year in a captive Hawaii bird breeding center, bringing the entire population to more than 100 birds. West Hawaii Today.

The dilapidated two-story building, jokingly referred to as the Pink Palace, is one of the few structures still left from the old Hilo hospital. Tribune-Herald.

Big Island police said they are investigating damage to papaya trees in Puna. KITV4.

A man allegedly carrying a knife and threatening to kill the Maui mayor came as close as his reception area Tuesday morning, leaving only after being told the mayor was not in the office. Star-Advertiser.

Police arrested a 25-year-old Wailuku man for allegedly threatening the life of Mayor Alan Arakawa this morning.Maui News.


The Hanalei Farmers Market will resume business on Saturday, with management and vendors saying they are pleased with the county’s assistance in a quick resolution of a legal threat. Garden Island.

Since January, online surfers have been able to learn how to grow food in water, thanks to a program offered by the University of Hawai‘i. Garden Island.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spotlight on Sunshine Week: Gov. Neil Abercrombie 'wins' Lava Tube award

(News release) The Big Island Press Club this week gave Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie the dubious honor of naming him the recipient of the club's 15th annual Lava Tube award for a number of his actions last year. Like the lava tube itself, the award recognizes the year’s most notable offense for keeping the public in the dark.
The Press Club also honors the best efforts to promote openness in Hawaii with the Torch of Light award, which is also presented annually since 1997. The Torch of Light was awarded this year to the Judicial Selection Commission for releasing the names of Abercrombie's judicial nominees when he refused. An Honorable Mention went to the Star-Advertiser for its efforts, including litigation, to obtain release of the names.
It takes only one "indictment" for an elected or appointed official, commission or board to be dishonored with the Lava Tube, but, in Abercrombie's case, BIPC settled on two:
  •  Abercrombie refused to name his list of nominees to fill a state Supreme Court vacancy, forcing the Star-Advertiser to sue, saying the secrecy violated the state's Uniform Information Practices Act. The state Supreme Court agreed. When the Office of Information Practices -- the state's watchdog agency charged with overseeing open records and public meeting laws -- opined in the Star-Advertiser's favor, Abercrombie replaced the agency's acting director.
  •  The governor created, in secret, an emergency declaration suspending for five years dozens of regulations protecting shoreline access, historic preservation, air and water quality and other environmental and land use laws in order to begin removing military ordnance with no notice to the public.
The Lava Tube award is announced each year on March 16, Freedom of Information Day, honoring the birthday of James Madison. Born in 1751, Madison was author of the U.S. constitution and the foremost advocate for openness.
"Freedom of Information Day is a great reminder that the public's right to know is just that, a right. It should not and will not be compromised," said BIPC President Yisa Var. "The Big Island Press Club is happy to use these awards as a way to bring into the foreground those governing bodies that have done the best and the worst at upholding this freedom."
Established in 1967, BIPC is Hawaii's oldest continuously active press club. Learn more at