Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hawaii transportation: Rapid transit, fast ferry, more cycles, higher vehicle taxes, Board of Education considers ditching its buses, more news

A bill that would establish a state-controlled, high-speed ferry system, much like the ill-fated Hawaii Superferry, cleared the Senate Transportation Committee yesterday. Star-Advertiser.

A Census worker cleared of trespassing last year after entering a Hawaii County police officer's property lost his bid Monday to have the officer and two others disciplined for their actions. West Hawaii Today.

To meet proposed budget reductions for the coming fiscal year, the Department of Education is considering getting rid of school bus service on Oahu, slashing the amount of per-student funding that schools receive by up to 6 percent and eliminating $11 million for special programs.Star-Advertiser.

Two proposals are moving through the legislature that would add to the cost of registering a car. KHON2.

Too many bills lacking cost or fiscal analysis are flowing through the state Legislature as Hawaii grapples with pension taxes and funding its schools, says a member of a conservative think tank on Oahu. Tribune-Herald.

A former employee with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources is under investigation by the attorney general. KHON2.

As Maui emergency officials prepared for the arrival of the tsunami from Japan on March 10, the new iPhones to coordinate their response were useless. KITV4.

Appraisers with the county’s real property assessment office will be conducting an island-wide review of all dwellings throughout the month of April and possibly part of May. Garden Island.

Command of U.S. Army Pacific changed hands yesterday in a ceremony reflecting Fort Shafter's multifaceted responsibilities, including the crisis in Japan, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and relations with Asia-Pacific nations. Star-Advertiser.

The 80 rail transit cars for the city's $5.5 billion project will cost $574 million to build. Star-Advertiser.

Troubles meeting deadlines have plagued the company awarded the $574 million contract to provide rail cars and a control center for Honolulu. Civil Beat.

City Says Rail Contracts Coming in Under Budget; Critics Not Convinced. Hawaii Reporter.

Italy, famous for its food, architecture, and art can apparently build a pretty good train too. Hawaii News Now.

Gas Prices Driving Up Moped, Motorcycle Business. KITV4.

Hawaii law enforcement is looking for a tool straight out of a TV cop show. Hawaii Public Radio.

Only about 20 percent of former HansenĂ­s disease patients who died in Kalaupapa have been given a proper grave, but with a commemorative memorial on the way, the remaining 80 percent will finally be recognized. Molokai Dispatch.


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