Friday, August 8, 2014

Now that's cold. With hurricanes looming, thief takes off with Hawaii Island's only Red Cross truck.

courtesy American Red Cross
American Red Cross pickup truck, updated photo.

With Hurricanes Iselle and Julio looming, an American Red Cross truck was stolen Wednesday night from the relief organization’s office in Hilo, Hawaii.

“How can anyone be so callous to steal a truck in a time of a disaster?” Barney Sheffield, Red Cross disaster coordinator for the island, wondered to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Volunteers discovered the vehicle was missing this morning as they arrived to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Iselle. The truck is the Red Cross’ only vehicle on the island and used to tow its supply trailer.

Now, that's cold.

Update: The truck was recovered by police at 9 a.m. Friday, after the storm has passed. Big Island Video News.

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