Friday, July 29, 2011

Honolulu preps for Western legislators, UPW mulls strike, Hawaii elevator inspections lag, Maui seeks pickup bed passenger ban, no homeless shuffle for APEC, Big Island removes military, students for redistricting, Senate seeks feedback on Twitter updates, more Hawaii news

Honolulu homeless (c) 2011 All Hawaii News
Honolulu has no intention of moving homeless people from Waikiki for November's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, but parks and sidewalks could be temporarily cleared for cleanup, a city official told a group of state legislators Thursday. Star-Advertiser.

With the international spotlight on Honolulu for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting, the idea of creating "safe zones" for homeless people has become popular among some state lawmakers. Civil Beat.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum is scheduled to convene in Waikiki in about one hundred days. Hawaii Public Radio.

The expertise of the East-West Center and its importance in relations with the Asia-Pacific region will be on display as lawmakers from 13 Western states gather in Honolulu this weekend. Star-Advertiser.

The state of Hawaii has already spent $1.329 billion of the total $1.824 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds received to date, but just 2,046 jobs have been created. Hawaii Reporter.

With time running out for Congress to reach a deal on raising the debt limit, Gov. Neil Abercrombie began taking steps Thursday to ensure the state would be protected if the government is unable to meet its obligations. Star-Advertiser.

Governor Neil Abercrombie says he has a contingency plan if the federal debt crisis stops the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. spending here next week. Hawaii Reporter.

Three Hawaii Senate committees this past session participated in a pilot project to “tweet” updates and other information during committee hearings. Pacific Business News.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie on Thursday said he is open to "adjustments or mediation" to resolve the contract impasse with the Hawaii State Teachers Association, but he says the state hasn't received any formal offer. Civil Beat.

The United Public Worker's Union, which is unhappy about proposed pay cuts, is voting on whether to authorize a strike. Hawaii News Now.

Blue collar workers represented by the United Public Workers union appear ready to play hardball in their contract negotiations with the state and the four counties. KHON2.

An art teacher from Kalani High School used his creative side to protest changes to teachers' pay as he marched in front of the state Capitol on Thursday. KITV4.

Most state and county workers in Hawaii saw a $45 to $250 drop in take-home pay this month because they are now paying a larger share of their health insurance costs. Star-Advertiser.

The next time you’re in a building with an elevator, you may want to consider taking the stairs. Garden Island.

Governor Neil Abercrombie Thursday announced Beth Giesting as the state's new Healthcare Transformation Coordinator.Hawaii News Now.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie will make stops around the island during a visit to Maui on Friday and Saturday. Maui News.

The terms “renewable energy” and “energy efficiency”—previously catchwords for policy wonks at NGO’s and Bay Area progressives—have now entered the demotic as they have become necessary goals for our future environmental and financial survival. Hawaii Independent.

Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning has scaled the first major regulatory hurdle to constructing a $250 million system to help downtown businesses cut their electricity bills. KITV4.

Unlike its state counterpart, the Hawaii County Redistricting Commission has agreed to leave nonresident military families and students out of its population counts when drawing new political maps. West Hawaii Today.

Maui Police, councilor seek to ban passengers in beds of pickups. Maui News.

The Hawaii County Wastewater Division is considering a sewer rate increase. West Hawaii Today.

Under fire for mismanagement, George N. Crabbe, the manager of the Lihue Airport, has turned in his keys, airport ID and official cell phone, according to state transportation department employees. KITV4.

The Palace Theater and Hilo Downtown Improvement Association are presenting a "Town Hall Meeting" with Police Chief Harry Kubojiri and staff Thursday, Aug. 11 at the Palace. Tribune-Herald.

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