Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hawaii AG: Reapportionment count could lose in court, Maui studies telescope impact, Honolulu races landfill deadline, Big Island seeks energy solutions, rail appeal denied, Honolulu Harbor seeks expansion, more Hawaii news

Senate district growth (c) 2011 All Hawaii News
The Hawaii Supreme Court likely would rule that nonresident students, members of the military and their dependents cannot be included in the state's population base for the purpose of redrawing Hawaii's political districts, according to an opinion from the state attorney general. Star-Advertiser.

A state lawyer says a court would likely overturn a decision to include military and students in the population as the state redraws political lines. Civil Beat.

The state Attorney General's office issued an opinion Tuesday afternoon that the state Reapportionment Commission erred when it voted to use the U.S. Census population count as the resident population base for political redistricting. Tribune-Herald.

The appointed State Board of Education is contemplating making changes to high school graduation standards. Hawaii Public Radio.

Bus fares for public school students will rise 50 cents to $1.25 for a one-way ride on Aug. 1. Star-Advertiser.

The people on the bus may go up and down, but the cost of riding a school bus in Hawaii is only going up. Hawaii News Now.

The teachers union is asking for pay and benefits to be restored while they challenge the state's implementation of the state's "last, best and final" contract offer. KHON2

The plight of a West Maui woman who was fired after her employer learned she had obtained a restraining order has helped spur a new state law that advocates say could help protect victims of domestic violence in some work situations. Maui News.

Travel guidebooks call Kipu Falls “a glorious little hidden place” and a “swimming hole extraordinaire.” But the alluring beauty of the waterfall and natural pool conceals a deadly side. Associated Press.

Thirty-one percent of Hawaii Island's electricity is produced from renewable resources and Hawaii Electric Light Co. President Jay Ignacio wants that number higher. West Hawaii Today.

Honolulu has begun the process of trying to extend the life of the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill for solid waste. Star-Advertiser.

For the last five months, a landfill selection committee has been working on finding the next site to dump Oahu's waste. Hawaii News Now.

State Denies Bombardier Rail Contract Appeal. Civil Beat.

The state is moving ahead with plans that would nearly double its cargo handling capacity at Honolulu Harbor. KHON2.

An ancient Japanese tea ceremony took place at the USS Arizona Memorial Tuesday to honor the 1,177 deceased Americans at the memorial, 65 years after the end of World War II. KITV4.

For the second time in a decade, the Sierra Club has dealt a major setback to Castle & Cooke's plans to develop a new community between Waipio and Mililani. Star-Advertiser.

The grilling of experts about the impact of the Advanced Solar Telescope on Haleakala began Monday and is expected to last through Wednesday. Maui News.

Bank of Hawaii has agreed to pay a $9 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit involving claims that the bank had improperly charged overdraft fees on debit card transactions. Pacific Business News.

The city of Portland in Oregon has come up with a solution that could be useful to Honolulu officials who are unable to evict homeless people from city bus stops and shelters. KITV4.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity (SEED) office has been awarded a $1.15 million grant—consisting of $230,000 annually over a five-year period through the U.S. Department of Education/TRiO Programs. Hawaii Independent.

Target's new 3.5-acre Hilo store is open, giving East Hawaii the choice of an array of grocery, clothing, electronic and home furnishing products. Tribune-Herald.

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