Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hawaii GOP congressional candidate gets no help from RNC, Lingle vetoes local jobs bill, no aloha for seabirds, civil union advocates launch last-ditch lobbying efforts, more top Hawaii news

Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed legislation Monday that would have mandated state and county construction projects employ a workforce consisting of at least 80 percent Hawaii residents.

A bill mandating that a majority of government construction jobs go to Hawai'i workers was vetoed by Gov. Linda Lingle yesterday.

A bill to help local labor unions put local workers on the job was vetoed yesterday by Gov. Linda Lingle, who said it was vague and hard to enforce.

Gov. Linda Lingle's suggestion that teachers voluntarily return to classrooms to end the last three furlough Fridays this year landed with a thud yesterday.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has poured nearly a half-million dollars into the special election battle for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District — and spent virtually nothing in a special election the same week in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District.

State Sen. Sam Slom and Hawaii Reporter Editor Malia Zimmerman were expected to submit a final bid today to buy the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Conservationists hailed a Hawaii Supreme Court ruling in early April as a victory in their fight against Turtle Bay resort on Oahu's North Shore. But it could also have a wide-ranging impact on other developments throughout Hawaii.

Civil-union supporters made door-to-door visits at the state Capitol yesterday in a last-minute pitch to push state representatives to vote on a bill they tabled early in the legislative session that will end Thursday.

A warning for drunk drivers - it's homestretch for a three-year battle to get Hawaii on board with nearly the rest of the country.

Most parents hope that Hawaii will never again be in the situation where the children's classroom time is taken away to help close a state budget shortfall.

Mayor Billy Kenoi's latest trip to see the Legislature likely helped preserve roughly $18 million for Hawaii County, says one state lawmaker.

Although Maui County hasn't banned the use of cell phones while driving, police officers often see how dangerous the practice can be.

"Maui's Only Air Show" takes off Saturday morning at the old Puunene Airport, with model airplane flight demonstrations, pylon racing and World War I and II dogfights.

The man in charge of county parks said he thinks it is absurd to consider turning off stadium lights and other illumination just to preserve endangered native seabirds.

Hawai'i has long been dependent on imports for nearly all of its fuel and most of its food.

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