Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whale watchers needed, governor, educators still at odds, fishermen protest, more Hawaii news

Anyone who wants to help in this year's whale count can sign up now.

Federal wildlife officials were reassessing their work to try to disentangle a humpback whale off West Maui on Christmas Day, and whale expert Ed Lyman said Sunday that he believes the distressed whale will be able to survive its injuries.

Gov. Linda Lingle yesterday shot down an agreement between the teachers union and education officials to end most furlough days this school year, saying it was not "fiscally responsible."

If the University of Hawaii does not get pay concessions from the faculty union, layoffs and cuts in student financial aid are "potentially on the table," UH President M.R.C. Greenwood said.

The University announced 3,500 professors will see a 6.67 pay cut over the next year and a half. On average the University said professors make $84,000 a year. The cut equates to $5,600 less a year.

Ringing fishing bells and holding protest signs, a coalition of more than 90 boaters and fishers held a demonstration at the state Capitol yesterday against proposed state rules that they say would restrict their recreation and lifestyle.

The president wrapped up about five hours of golf at the Luana Hills Country Club Monday without finishing the full 18 holes.

Good riddance to 2009, a lost year.

"Lucky you live Hawaii."

The long-awaited completed revision of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, which has as its goal a minimum of 35 percent diversion from the landfill and productive uses of even non-recyclable trash, was recently presented to the Kaua‘i County Council.


  1. I sure hope the Governor and her staff have all taken at least a 10% cut in their pay. Across the board. Lead by example!

  2. I think they did take a cut. We'll find out more Monday when the governor does her final State of the State address.