Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama family snorkels, Big Island land conserved, rat image plagues Chinatown, and more Hawaii news

President Barack Obama picked the perfect day to go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.

Big Island ranch land that is habitat for endangered native bird species and plants will be protected from development under an agreement between the owners and the Nature Conservancy.

Gov. Linda Lingle's aides are expected to meet with education officials this morning to discuss ending teacher furloughs, but the teachers union will not be at the table.

An interim replacement for the state's chief elections officer is to be selected by the state Elections Commission.

A state judge Tuesday ordered unsealed the State of Hawai‘i portion of a settlement agreement in the wrongful-death and property-damage lawsuits against retired Honolulu car dealer James Pflueger.

In the Chinese calendar 2009 is the year of the Ox, but it could turn out to be remembered for the rat after video surfaced of rodents crawling all over food in a Chinatown market. Now the community is trying to fight the image with education.

At the Deep Draft Harbor there's no sight of the barge that's supposed to make a historic journey. Currently, by the city's estimates there's probably about 300 tons of rubbish stacking up dockside.

The fate of two major Mauna Kea telescopes is in limbo following a decision in mid-December to cut funding for at least one of them.

Hawaii County wants to turn down the tap on water waste at emergency water spigots and is proposing changes to county law to do just that.

Local fish retailers are pretty sure there will be enough sashimi to go around this New Year's, although some say it is too early to tell if the prices will be higher or lower this year.

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