Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top Hawaii Headlines: Wednesday morning edition

The skipper of the $1 billion guided-missile cruiser that ran aground near Honolulu Airport's reef runway Feb. 5 has avoided a military court-martial.

The captain of the Navy guided-missile cruiser that ran aground off the Honolulu International Airport Feb. 5 was cited for dereliction of duty and received an undisclosed punishment yesterday, the Navy announced.

Gov. Linda Lingle yesterday signed a bill into law that reduces pay for the governor, lieutenant governor, department directors, judges and state lawmakers by 5 percent and freezes their salaries through June 2011.

Labor attorneys and public officials are questioning whether Gov. Linda Lingle has the authority to furlough state employees without first negotiating the cuts with their unions.

A state senator is worried that the governor's furlough plan may put people in danger.

While Maui County's leaders said they understood the need for Gov. Linda Lingle to take action because of falling state revenue projections, they questioned Monday her decision to order three-days-per-month furloughs for state workers and reductions of free health insurance benefits for low-income adults.

A turf war between a county councilman and Mayor Billy Kenoi's administration could cost taxpayers thousands at a time when every dollar counts

A proposal authorizing Hawaii County to negotiate buying the Pahoa steam vents sailed through the County Council's Finance Committee with unanimous support Monday.

Of the 197 adults ages 21 and older who have been arrested for 291 marijuana-related offenses in Hawaii County, 106 are Caucasian, while Hawaiians were the second-most arrested ethnicity, with 45.

A Nevada-based developer is asking the state Land Use Commission for another chance to comply with reclassification requirements.

As summertime descends upon Kauai, road repairs will begin to flourish.

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