Monday, April 19, 2010

Homeless find a way, Neighbor Islands gaining clout in gubernatorial contest, DLNR rules slammed, school tax district takes shape, more Hawaii news

When police start enforcing a ban on camping tents and shopping carts in city parks as early as today, some of the homeless who live in Kapiolani Park say they will sit back and watch -- under large umbrellas or other legal shelter.

In the 1970s, then-Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi famously lost two close gubernatorial campaigns against Gov. George Ariyoshi by capturing the most votes on O'ahu only to be drubbed by the incumbent on the Neighbor Islands.

The state Division of Aquatic Resources could shut down operations on Maui and other Neighbor Islands under a budget plan being considered by the state Legislature, officials are warning.

State Sen. Clayton Hee is rallying support for legislation he introduced that would make Hawaii a leader in the global fight to end shark finning.

The volcano in Iceland continues spew out tons of ash bringing air traffic to a stop in much of Europe.

Five candidates for the post of chancellor of the University of Hawaii Hilo will be visiting the campus and holding community meetings to demonstrate their visions for the school.

The state will soon have the authority to impose impact fees on all West Hawaii developments.

The Kauai Department of Public Works has already been challenged with vacancies and budget reductions in the current year.

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