Friday, June 1, 2018

Lava's effect on tourism, state auditor says rail agency interfering with audit, anti-Hee signs crop up in governor's race, volcano emergency costs pile up, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

photo by Andrew Richard Hara
Lava closes roadway PC: Andrew Richard Hara
Hawaii’s booming tourism market continued in April despite record rainfall that caused massive flooding midmonth on Kauai. Star-Advertiser.

University of Hawaii economists are taking a wait-and-see approach before projecting the potential impact on tourism that the natural disasters had on Hawaii island and Kauai. Star-Advertiser.

Anti-Clayton Hee signs taken down. Police took down two dozen banners and plastic signs which were posted on overpasses and city poles because they were illegally posted on public property. KHON2.

Group Ratchets Up Attack On Clayton Hee With Street Signs. A political action committee posts more than 100 signs linking the gubernatorial candidate to domestic violence — something he denies. Civil Beat.

Candidate for governor responds to signs that accuse him of domestic violence. Hawaii News Now.

Google said 5,300 Hawaii businesses generated $171 million in economic activity through the use of Google search and advertising tools, according to a new report by the Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant. Pacific Business News.


State Auditor Says Rail Agency Is Interfering With His Work. Les Kondo says HART’s insistence on recording auditor interviews with staff members “is akin to management sitting in.” Civil Beat.

A sophisticated radar to track North Korean missiles and better protect Hawaii might join the Kaena Point satellite tracking facility atop Kuaokala Ridge, whose antenna domes are a mountaintop landmark. Star-Advertiser.

Members Of Military Might Get A Property Tax Break. The Hawaii National Guard Enlisted Association helped Councilman Ernie Martin craft a bill to give military homeowners a $120,000 exemption. Civil Beat.

The city has ordered a builder of monster homes to stop work on 17 projects throughout Oahu. Hawaii News Now.

A major construction industry organization speaks out Thursday against a contractor without a license who it says it building "monster homes." KITV.

Without emergency funds, aging Aloha Stadium could be forced to consider closing areas of the facility in the event of additional deterioration in the future, the Stadium Authority was told Thursday. Star-Advertiser.

The Army and Hawaiian Electric Co. held a dedication Thursday to mark the completion of a new Schofield generating station that will strengthen Oahu’s electrical grid and pave the way for more renewables. Star-Advertiser.

A new power plant is expected to save $4M, and thousands of barrels of oil. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii Island

Evacuees face tough road ahead as 'staggering' costs of eruption mount. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii County is warning the dwindling number of people living closest to lava flows and fountains in the Leilani Estates subdivision that they are now subject to arrest if they remain after about noon today. Star-Advertiser.

Lower Leilani Estates holdouts given deadline to leave or possibly face arrest. Mayor Harry Kim issued the mandatory evacuation order Thursday for the area east of Pomaikai Street in the subdivision, much of which has been devastated by lava during the past month. Tribune-Herald.

Mandatory Evacuation Order Signed For Leilani Estates, East Of Pomaikai. Big Island Video News.

Mayor Kim Signs Mandatory Evacuation Order. Hawaii Public Radio.

A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for the lava-ravaged Leilani Estates subdivision, where eruptions that started four weeks ago are more vigorous than ever. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii mayor issues mandatory evacuation order, strict curfew for Leilani Estates. KHON2.

Mayor Signs Second Supplementary Emergency Proclamation. Big Island Video News.

It’s not official yet, but U.S. Geological Survey scientists are seriously debating whether the Leilani Estates eruption that began May 3 should be declared a “new” eruption that is distinct from the Puu Oo eruption on the flank of Kilauea Volcano, which began in 1983. Star-Advertiser.

Suspect Arrested After Shooting In Volcano Evacuation Zone. A resident allegedly fired shots after confronting people he apparently thought were trespassing, authorities say. Associated Press.

Man Charged in Leilani Estates Shooting Incident. Maui Now.

The gun-toting man accused of shooting at a lava evacuee during a heated confrontation captured on video was charged Thursday with multiple counts of reckless endangering and terroristic threatening. Hawaii News Now.

A 38-year-old California man was cited for using a drone near the eruption in lower Puna. Tribune-Herald.

The eastern side of Hawaii island has been a pyrotechnic spectacle for almost four weeks, producing fountains of lava and sky-high blasts of pulverized rock that have had devastating effects in the immediate area. But a community about 25 miles away is also suffering from the fallout. Star-Advertiser.

Fissure No. 8 in Leilani Estates continued to dominate the lower Puna eruption Thursday as it shot lava up to 260 feet into the air, creating a fountain of molten rock seen for miles. Tribune-Herald.

Hawaii Has 5 Other Active Volcanoes In Addition To Kilauea. Here’s a quick look at the islands’ active and inactive volcanoes. Associated Press.


The next step in the government review process for the Waikapu Country Town project will be Tuesday before the Urban Design Review Board. Maui News.

Maui High day care program squeezed out for lack of space. Teen parenting program will continue to be taught. Maui News.


Visitors continued to come to Kauai and spend lots of money in the month of April. Garden Island.

A former Kauai police officer has been found guilty on cyberstalking charges according to the State Department of the Attorney General. Hawaii News Now.

A former police officer has been found guilty of using Kauai Police Department’s computer surveillance system to watch a co-worker while she arrived for work. KHON2.

The Lihue Kmart only has about four months left before it closes for good, according to a Thursday decision by owner Sears Holdings Corporation. Garden Island.

New Kauai shopping center constructed with recycled shipping containers. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii Island is wrapped in a veil of vog and covered in layers of Pele’s hair, but more than 300 miles away Kauai isn’t seeing a real uptick of any volcano-related health issues. Garden Island.


A 25-year battle for water on Molokai continues today before the Hawaii Supreme Court.  Hawaii Public Radio.

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