Tuesday, July 4, 2017

All Hawaii News wins awards! Here's how you can help keep the news coming

Society of Professional Journalists
SPJ awards for 2017
Don't take my word for it -- hear what the judges said:

"This site truly is a must-read and a service to the people of Hawaii."

"A worthwhile daily read."

I'm honored and humbled to again be awarded a first-place and a finalist plaque in the Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii chapter annual Excellence in Journalism contest.

All Hawaii News, which will celebrate its 9th anniversary later this year, has become for me a labor of love. Journalism, to me, isn't a job. It's a calling.

This blog is how I read the day's news each morning. It's a way for me to share my passion for government and political news with the world.

All Hawaii News is a boutique blog. It appeals to a small but steadily growing group of decision-makers and media types. It attracts readers from across the state, the Mainland United States, China, the South Pacific and Russia.

Most days, All Hawaii News is a hand-curated compilation of the day's top political and government news from all the Hawaiian Islands. It's a quick one-stop site for an overview of what's happening around Hawaii. Other days, you'll find news stories, videos or audios exploring crucial government issues. And sometimes, there will be a commentary or analysis about a topic of pressing interest.

This blog will never get as many Google hits as someone's grumpy cat. It will never embrace the "If it bleeds, it leads" mentality.

But if one person is better informed about government and politics across our tiny island chain in the middle of the Pacific, my mission has been accomplished.

Don't let that stop you from dropping a buck or two in the collection boxes to the right, however.

Reader contributions help pay for the basic essentials of maintaining an online presence. A little extra shows appreciation and gives me incentive to carry on. Face it, it's a lot of work.

Mahalo for your kokua!

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