Saturday, October 10, 2015

Breaking: Judge invalidates Mauna Kea Thirty Meter Telescope emergency rule

photo courtesy Occupy Hilo Media
Mauna Kea Thirty Meter Telescope protest
Friday the Circuit Court of the Third Circuit, State of Hawaii, granted a partial motion for summary judgment that has the effect of invalidating the Mauna Kea emergency rule. Attorney General Chin and Chair Case released the following statement in response: “The State acknowledges the Court’s decision and will abide by it. We remind people traveling to Mauna Kea that even in light of today’s ruling existing laws and rules remain. It is always illegal to block the road. This includes standing in the road or placing obstructions in the road. These laws will continue to be enforced.” News release.

A Circuit Court judge has issued a ruling invalidating the state's Mauna Kea emergency rule aimed at curbing protests against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope atop the Big Island mountain. Star-Advertiser.

A state judge has invalidated the emergency rules that made it illegal to be on Mauna Kea at night. The state Board of Land and Natural Resources approved the rules in July after activists opposed to the Thirty Meter Telescope blocked the road in an effort to stop its construction at the summit. Hawaii News Now.

State Circuit Court Judge Ronald Ibarra on Friday invalidated the Manua Kea emergency rules that the state Board of Land and Natural Resources approved in July to restrict access to the Big Island mountaintop in an attempt to allow construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope to proceed. Civil Beat.

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