Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spotlight on Sunshine Week: A down-and-dirty how-to on top sites for recent actions of the Hawaii Legislature from Honolulu blogger Ian Lind

Courtesy national Sunshine Week

It's national Sunshine Week, and it's a good time to check out what the Hawaii Legislature is up to.

Honolulu blogger Ian Lind has come up with some suggestions and shortcuts as the Legislature passes its midway mark on its legislative session.

Among them: 

    • A digest of bills that survived first crossover

    • Detailed budget worksheets

    • Provisos tucked away in the executive budget.

    • Applications for Grants-in-aid submitted by nonprofit groups looking for state funding.

Sure, you could Google them, but Lind adds a few hints along the way at his blog.

Lind, a former newspaper reporter, has also served in the government, political and nonprofit sectors ranging from Neil Abercrombie to Common Cause, and was one of the first in Hawaii to establish himself as a political blogger.

You can always find him on our bloglist to the right, or subscribe on his site.

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