Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tension among Hawaii campers, fishers, Molokai mule trail reopening, shearwaters freed, counties settle in with new leaders, Inouye profiled, schools face consolidation, more Hawaii news

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Sen. Daniel Inouye will soon begin his 9th consecutive term in the United States Senate.KHON2.

Efforts to challenge the Hawaiians-first admission policy at Kamehameha Schools suffered another setback on Monday. KITV4.

What 2010 Election Results Mean For Filipinos. Filipino Chronicle.

The Kalaupapa Pali Trail has reopened, and just like Mainland beach bunnies and surfer dudes try to slim down and buff up for summer after a long winter, the 22 mules that haul visitors and residents up and down are in cardio training in expectation of going back to work. Maui News.

Morris and Thurston Kamealoha grew up camping along the beaches that line the Waianae Coast but now have to camp out at Kapolei Hale just to get a camping permit and want city officials to make it easier to gain overnight beach access. Star-Advertiser.

To help remedy tension between Hana fishermen and outsiders who want to fish at a buoy put out by the Hana community, proposals involving fishing restrictions and adding additional buoys surfaced Saturday at a meeting held to address the user conflicts around the fish-aggregating devices, which outsiders have reported led to threats against them. Maui News.

One ‘a‘o cooed softly while being examined by a Save Our Shearwaters staff member. Another nipped, but others were quiet while the routine procedures of weighing, banding and recording various statistics were being done prior to their release last week. Garden Island.

Peter Carlisle was sworn in four weeks ago and has already made himself comfortable in office. Hawaii News Now.

The Honolulu City Council has introduced Bill 55 (2010) to amend the historic residential property tax exemption ordinance by requiring the property owner to pay some unspecified percentage of the assessed value, rather than the minimum annual tax that is currently required. Hawaii Reporter.

City Councilman Nestor Garcia took the reins of the City Council yesterday, ascending to chairman upon the resignation of Todd Apo, who has taken a job with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Hawaii. Star-Advertiser.

A special election to serve out the term of Honolulu City Councilman Todd Apo has been set for Dec. 29. Associated Press.

The County Council has reorganized for the upcoming two-year term starting Dec. 6, and the balance of power has shifted away from Hilo. Tribune-Herald.

With a new mayoral administration taking office Jan. 3, several members of Mayor Charmaine Tavares' Maui Wastewater Working Group worried aloud last week that their work over the past 13 months to dramatically reduce Maui County's use of injection wells will be for nothing. Maui News.

In about two months 24 new "clean diesel" city buses will begin replacing bulkier gas guzzlers now on the streets. Star-Advertiser.

Three years after promising to bring anti-bullying programs into every school, the Hawaii Department of Education has yet to deliver. Civil Beat.

Another school complex is up for consolidation. KHON2.

Decision on Kahuku affects more than just high school football. KHON2.

Attorneys for Kahuku High football players and parents on Monday filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against the Oahu Interscholastic Association, the Hawaii High School Athletic Association and state schools superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi in hopes of getting the Red Raiders into the state tournament, which is set to kick off this Friday. Hawaii News Now.

Criminal justice systems around the country are using canines to coax children to talk, when those kids are reluctant to do so. And now the first courthouse dog is being trained in Hawaii.KITV4.

A certain kind of Omega-3 called EPA is responsible for producing compounds that reduce blood clotting, thus helping to prevent a range of ailments, like thrombosis, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks. Hawaii Independent.

The Hawaii County Band is still making the music instead of facing it, despite reduced funding and an uncertain future. Tribune-Herald.

Dinah Kunitake's gloved hands expertly maneuvered over the clumps of coffee cherries Sunday morning, quickly plucking the soft, ruby ones and leaving the hard, green ones on the twiggy branches. West Hawaii Today.

Kona farmer still picks coffee despite blindness. West Hawaii Today.

Habitat Completes First ‘Off-The-Grid’ Home. Molokai Dispatch.

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