Monday, September 14, 2009

Economy continues to dominate state headlines

Margaret Dupre says she is exercising her First Amendment right to express herself by holding psychic readings on the sidewalks of Waikiki.

New figures released last week showed roughly one out of every 13 people in Hawai'i goes naked when it comes to health insurance, either not being able to afford the coverage or choosing to do without it.

As the economy limps along, Hawai'i's museums are finding it tougher to meet their financial needs. They've slashed budgets by cutting hours, closing collections and laying off staff.

With unemployment growing, soup kitchens statewide are overflowing with hungry residents.

The Kauai Civil Defense Agency will host the annual, week-long Weapons of Mass Destruction exercise in conjunction with the Hawaii National Guard 93rd Civil Support Team.

Hawaii inmates help themselves and the community by building playgrounds

With sunny skies, gentle winds and an ocean backdrop, Hilo was a good place Saturday to go swimming, have a picnic or even rail against the government.

For economists, it's yet another number to add to their statistical models. But for 80 of Hokulia's 100 employees whose numbers are up, it's the loss of a paycheck and their livelihoods.

Plans for a proposed Maui Regional Public Safety Complex - or jail - in Puunene are moving forward, leaders from the state Public Safety and Accounting and General Services departments said last week.

“Keep out of water.” Chronically high levels of enterococcus bacteria — well above state and federally deemed safe levels — was what prompted water quality expert Dr. Carl Berg to organize efforts in permanently displaying those words on a sign near the Hanalei River at the county’s Black Pot Park.

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