Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pink slips and hurricanes top Wednesday news

The Lingle administration yesterday delivered written layoff notices to about 1,100 state workers who will lose their jobs in November because of the state's budget deficit.

Some 1,100 state civil servants are slated to lose their jobs in three months because of Hawaii's budget shortfall.

The state on Tuesday announced that it will begin delivering layoff notices to 1,100 employees while targeting 900 non-union workers for furloughs.

Gov. Linda Lingle's plans to lay off about 80 percent of the state's agriculture inspectors will hit the Big Island the hardest, where a small number of inspectors already scramble to get produce and nursery stock certified for export.

There's no predicting what we face with Hurricane Felicia or even if it will hit our islands. But, it's still the season be prepared.

Big Island foliage grower Enrique Martinez said he is not planning any off-island trips this weekend, and he is closely watching the forecasts for Hurricane Felicia to determine whether ocean shipments of his products might be canceled.

Beneficiaries of the Hawaiian Homes Act of 1920 began their case against the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in state Circuit Court yesterday with testimony from two people who said they had been treated unfairly by the agency.

The Kaua‘i Coffee Company Wainiha hydroelectric plant recently completed replacement of its last piece of original equipment.

A pioneer in local media, the "great matriarch" of the Maui Publishing Co. - Nora I. Cooper - died Sunday. She was 86.

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