Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top Hawaii Headlines: Wednesday morning edition

Gov. Linda Lingle is warning public employee unions that those who bargain with the state now will get a better settlement than those who stall.

Gov. Linda Lingle accused majority Democrats yesterday of giving government labor unions a "false sense of hope" that the tax increases they have approved would help soften wage and benefit cuts in collective bargaining.

Healthcare costs are taking up an increasing share of people's budgets in Hawai'i, with 262,000 residents now paying more than 10 percent of their income for healthcare.

The fate of a lawsuit that challenged the state's title to lands once held by the Hawaiian monarchy now rests with Gov. Linda Lingle, who took the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the state on Tuesday announced an agreement over the sale of ceded lands.

From slamming the Hawaii Superferry exemption law to revealing debt-management counselors' deceptive practices, a new report provides a round-up of all the recommendations made last year by the state Office of the Auditor.

Third Circuit Court Senior Administrative Judge Ronald Ibarra entered his third 10-year
term as a Circuit Court judge Monday evening.

The state has identified 39 individuals and businesses who could help solve its budget crisis -- by simply paying millions in overdue taxes.

State health leaders are investigating the sudden death of Kurt Sonoda, a teacher and golf coach at Pearl City High School who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. Officials say the 45-year-old was sent home from work on Thursday because he felt sick

The Maui Fire Department’s Air One helicopter lifted firefighters into an inaccessible area of Huelo on Monday afternoon to recover the body of a young woman found at the base of a 180-foot waterfall.

It's called the "greatest game of all time" by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. Tetris was born in Russia, but a local man gave life to it, making it an international phenomenon.

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